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Johnny Saturn Featured on Drunkduck Main Page

Hi, All
If you advertise anything, like books or comics or music, Johnny Saturn is being listed as one of the five featured comics on Drunk Duck this week, and there are Project Wonderful adds to be filled. This is an inexpensive way to get a small banner in front of high traffic, and is an opportunity not to be missed! To sign up for Project Wonderful, go here:
To see Johnny Saturn on Drunkduck, go here:
or here
Thanks! Scott

The X-Heroes: "Bringing Superheroes to a slow, grinding halt."

Hello everyone. I just joined this site and am enjoying it's serious look at the world of webcomics. I was wondering if I could give a plug/call for critique for my comic The X-Heroes over at Drunk Duck. It's a kind of twisty superhero comic:


A Call to Destiny now Mirrored on DrunkDuck as well.

After a bit of thought I decided to Mirror the Comic on This was a decision I made to boost a bit of traffic and Also to get more folks looking at my stuff.
Anyway, If Drunk Duck works better for me I might move there instead...Or I will just keep mirroring.
ComicGenesis: A Call To Destiny
Drunk Duck: A Call to Destiny NC 17

Tidbits of a Drunk Duck

I do a recording of DrunkDuck news for The Gigcast every week. I'm thinking of using this blog like I do with the DrunkDuck LiveJournal community by posting highlights every so often.

Unfortunately I can't find DrunkDuck in any of those Categories options. It's not under Topics, Collectives, or Publishers. :( So I guess I'll slip it under...comics reporting?

And Finally Monsieur, A Wafer-thin Webcomic.

Post-Turkey Day looks like slim pickin's for news but here's what we've got:

Not to stir the Most Read Project pot more (plenty of discussion in the thread on the subject of measuring webcomic readership here) but every webcomic host that publishes some kind of "popular" list is another potential data point for the project. This Drunk Duck list is described as "most read strips for the past seven days" (there is a second DD list for "story" comics):

UPDATE: I have to believe, based on a long tradition of Little Gamers mocking Comixpedia, that this strip was inspired by our recent discussion of measuring webcomics' audience size.


  • Lucid TV really deserves a spot on the Most Offensive webcomics poll we're running this month. Brutally-funny, medically-flavored comedy.
  • Michael LaLonde's Ornery Boy probably is the only webcomic featuring a zombie MC. Today's strip is one of the funnier raps he's penned for the strip.
  • Guest month at Todd and Penguin with comics from guest creators such as Jamie Robertson (Clan of the Cats), Phil Cho (Skinny Panda), and Paul Southworth (Ugly Hill).
  • If you changed the color of the splotch of lipstick red on Clango's chin and neck in today's Diesel Sweeties to black, you'd have Clango's evil twin brother Bango. Well it could happen!...


End of 2006 Coming Soon

December is traditionally a "year in review" kind of issue at Comixpedia and that's the goal this time around. As we get closer to the end of 2006 it's revealing to look at what folks were writing about webcomics at the end of 2005: The 2005 Webcomics Roundtable.

For the last two years we've also ran a special "25 People Of Webcomics" list article. Here's a link to the 2005 POW List article. Who do you think should be on this year's list? Post a comment with your nominations.

Alpha Rant Chapters 1 & 2 Book Review: Gigcast #63

Better late than never, It's... The Gigcast #63

A Plethora of Webcomic news from/about Viper, Monkey Day Webcomic marathon, Blanklabel Comics, Penny-Arcade, LuLu press, The Webcomic Choice Awards, and Drunk Duck.

Scott and I finally review the first two Alpha Shade Books: Chapters 1 and 2.

We are also looking to play an audio ad for a new webcomic AND a new Podcast every week, so... if you would like to have yours played, send it to us! And we are always looking for Drive-by Submissions as well. Send em all to:

thegigcast (at)

The Gigcast Interviews NAN Grant Winner Kathryn White of "Blue Canary"

The Gigcast Talks with Kathryn White creator of Blue Canary and Winner of Lea Hernandez's Women in Webcomiker NAN Grant!


  1. Listener submitted webcomic news (get yours in by Tuesday night (8pm EST) for next weeks show.)
  2. News Reports from Drunk Duck and Comic Genesis
  3. A Gigcast Drive-by Review of Winger
  4. Part 2 of Mr. Know-it-all's Creating a Webcomic

Remember, The Gigcast is always accepting submissions for news items and Drive-bys.

Nerdcore featured on Drunk Duck!

I was just thinking "Wow, Drunk Duck's been featuring all the comics I read lately."

Let me have my small victories. Laughing

Post-There Goes the New World Neighborhood-Tuesday News

Happy (Belated) Canadian Thanksgiving Day! And this weekend was 24 Hour Comics Day - catch up on the haps at the 24 Hour Comics Day website.

 Videogame? Videogame!PREMIERES

A new Blamination from Kurtz and Straub. Who knew these guys liked video games?

Yesterday, Grounded Angel (previously at Komikwerks) relaunched simultaneously at three webcomics sites: Graphic Smash, WebComicsNation, and DrunkDuck. Grounded Angel is the story of 16-year-old Gloria, who finds out during a really bad day that she’s an angel, the herald to the end of the world.

Dramacon (Vol. 2) by Svetlana Chmakova is available in stores today.


Digital Strips has an interview with Platinum Studios Chairman Scott Rosenberg and Drunk Duck's Dylan Squires.

The Santa Barbara Independent has an interview with Garry Trudeau, creator of Doonesbury.

Scott Kurtz interviews Adam West?


Astute political commentary from... Sinfest?

 Scott McCloud Makes ComicsAROUND THE WORLD IN 80 BLOGS

Bookslut reviews Scott McCloud’s Making Comics.

Drawn! interviews illustrator Bob Staake who has a new book out called This is Not a Pumpkin. Staake who embraced digital art tools early on also was an early presence on the web with his Planet Cartoonist site.

(From Lines and Colors) Line Rider is a Flash interactive that allows you to draw a line that represents the two dimensional topography of a hill. When your line is drawn, you click play and the Line Rider, a small character on a sled with a trailing scarf, will go sailing, bouncing and, if you’re not careful, tumbling down the hill according to forces of imaginary gravity.