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United We Stand

A happy 4th to all you American readers out there.  For you not-American readers, give us all your natural resources.  Now.

Interview with Steven Cloud

The Webcomics In Print blog interviews Steven L. Cloud, the creator of Boy on a Stick and Slither. Cloud recently signed a web-syndication deal with United Media and Boy on a Stick and Slither debuts today on

Cloud is a member of the Dumbrella group. Another Dumbrella member, Rich Stevens, (Diesel Sweeties) previously signed a syndication deal with United Media.

Updating the Feed Lists

When we switched to Drupal one of the nice things I was able to set up was pulling in the RSS feeds of other sites to Comixpedia. That way we do less "link" blogging here but you can still get a sense of what's going on in webcomicland from the syndicated headlines.

The March of the Collectives

A collective, loosely defined, is any sustained grouping of webcomic creators. What they do together varies greatly from group to group. Some are largely a peer group offering each other critical feedback and encouraging support. Others throw in cross-promotion for each others' work. Some build a collective brand with logos, advertising and a central website. Some share business experience and expertise in areas as varied as merchandise, books, conventions, hosting and website creation.

And what did I find from my research? There's a tremendous number of collectives out there (and that I never want to attempt another "survey" article again). And, oh yeah, checking out collectives can be a great way to find excellent new comics.

Collective 'lective, What Makes You Effective?

For this month's issue of Comixpedia we're taking a look at the burgeoning number of webcomic collectives. Just why do creators band together? Gileon Pellaeon navigates through what is and what isn't a "webcomics collective" and offers five suggestions to creators for getting more bang out of their collective buck.

News for Thursday, February 8, 2007






If you’re part of the [people who care about these awards], then in doing so, whether you like it or not, you’re subscribing to the reality of these awards; that the majority rules them, and if you want to win, you better get off your ass and do some promotional work. Just because your comic is better than one of the nominees doesn’t mean the world is going to flock to your self-perceived greatness and if you’re the only one who thinks you’re great, then you’re not great, you’re a bit of a narcissist, and I suggest you go for the other option of not caring about awards.


An Interview with Rich Stevens

R Stevens IIIAn interview with Rich Stevens on the newspaper-style Diesel Sweeties launch with good details on the syndication deal itself. Also Stevens recommends his Dumbrella compadres as other plausible newspaper candidates. I don't know about that actually - I'd like to see all of them in my newspaper but in terms of whether I think we will see them, well I could see BOASAS in newspapers, but I'm not sure about the others.

The question for today: what webcomics do you think could be most successfully translated into successful newspaper comic strips?

Sheldon Leaves Syndicate - Full Archives Now Available

 Sheldon by Dave Kellett.Starting today, Dave Kellett's Sheldon is now available at (Fleen reports, "Kellett’s new home on the web will be provided by Dumbrella Hosting, parent corporation of Fleen.").

Be sure to check out the note from Kellett on his site explaining the move away from

Thursday Newsin' To The Beat



Tis The Season!


I Went to SPX and All I Got Was This MATH IS DELICIOUS! T-shirt

After a summer spent away from Comixpedia and comics too, it was great to catch up with all kinds of comics and creators at the Small Press Expo (aka SPX) this weekend. I caught some panels, bought some books and chatted with a lot of webcomic-friendly creators including Jeph Jacques and Danielle Corsetto.