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Cornstalker Official Press Release

The Cornstalker Collective has existed for more than a year or two, but we've finally made it somewhat, kind of, and maybe official. The Cornstalkers are a group of webcomic creators who have drifted together from the chat rooms and posting boards. Most of them are from Comic Genesis, though this has in no way been a requirement and never will be. While other collectives start with a great deal of celebration, this one has been growing almost organically for more than a year; until finally, it has come to fruition as a full collective.

News and Views for Monday, October 23rd


Don't miss our latest review, column and interview posted this weekend.


R Stevens IIIJournalista! looks at Rich Stevens' cease and desist letter from LucasFilm and advises "Let go of your feelings, Clango..."

Keenspot picks up Out There by R.C. Monroe. Monroe had been using Keenspot's Comicgenesis service previously.

Another SPX con report - this one from the Playground Ghosts collective - I stopped by their table more than once, they were very friendly and having fun which is a pretty good strategy for a con. (Most, if not all, of the SPX reports on the web are linked to here by The Comics Reporter.)


The Washington Post has a long interview with Gerry Trudeau, the creator of Doonesbury. It focuses a lot on the recent storyline with the character B.D. losing a leg in Iraq.

Winter McCloud interviews Jeffrey Rowland, creator of Overcompensating (This is a videocast). (Speaking of the McCloud clan here's a story on Scott McCloud's visit to the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont.)

CBC Montreal interviewed Matt Forsythe, creator of Ojingogo. Here's an MP3 of the interview.


 Scott McCloud at SPX 2006 In Print has a round-up of the latest book news.

Derik Badman reviews Scott McCloud's Making Comics.

Flight links to an article on self-publishing, which includes advice from several Canadian authors and artists — including Halifax-based Hope Larson. (Speaking of which The Comics Reporter posted an interview with Larson this weekend.)

Keenspot Goes OUT THERE

Creator R.C. Monroe has signed on to bring his Comic Genesis-hosted webcomic Out There to Keenspot.

OUT THERE follows a diverse group of interesting characters and their travels through life, focusing on a bartender named Miriam and the mysterious man she meets while driving to the city of Portstown. The comic debuted in June, and it updates six days a week (Mon-Sat).

Ante Up For a Round of Webcomics: Life's A Bluff and +EV

This month I review two new webcomics focused on poker, primarily online poker, but all types of poker. One is +EV by Bobby Crosby and Tiger Claw and the other is Life's A Bluff by Frank Frisina and Brandon J Carr.

More Attitude From Ted Rall: A Review of Attitude 3: The New Subversive Online Cartoonists

Ted Rall talks up and talks to webcomics with attitude for Attitude 3: The New Subversive Online Cartoonists. It's a great addition to the ongoing Attitude anthology series that pays some well-deserved attention to webcomics.

Zortic hits 1000!!!

 Creator of Zortic.Others have done it first, and others will continue to do it, but there’s still something magic about hitting those 4 digit numbers. Today Zortic presents its 1000th official comic! It’s been a long, hectic ride that’s been a ton of fun.

Technically there are a lot more than 1000 comics available. In addition to the 1000 continuing storyline strips there are “director’s cut” added comics, an entire hidden alternate storyline, and a stand-alone introductory storyline for KeenPrime subscribers (now also available in book form from Indy Planet).

So if you haven’t started reading yet, there’s a lot to catch up on. So help celebrate by stopping by and enjoying Zortic now!

Chris Crosby's A History of Webcomics

Thanks to the fine folks at Comixpedia for inviting me to be a guest blogger. I will attempt to resist the temptation to solely link to vintage TV fall promo videos I find wildly entertaining, like this (watch for the shot of Potsie saluting a magical comet) or this (WARNING: it will take a drill to get this commanding song out of you head). It's both a crime and a national tragedy that the networks don't produce fall promo videos like that anymore. But I digress...

Last Week of Guest Blogging Summer

For our last official week of "guest blogger summer" we're going to have Chris Crosby of Keenspot fame as well as the creator of Superosity and the writer/co-creator of Sore Thumbs.

This month's cover artist is Maritza Campos, creator of the popular, long-running comic College Roomies From Hell!!! (or CRFH!!! for short).

I'd also like to thank current and recent advertisers: the comic RUMF by Mark Palmer and the comic Krakow! I guess I'll also thank HBO and comedian Dane Cook but somehow I am dubious as to whether they actually read Comixpedia :)

Sci-fi just got better

I don't think we pay enough attention to good sci-fi webcomics (That or we're all put off by the dreck from Keenspot) I really like the use of black and white here, like most artistic constrictions it forces the artist to work harder.

Some stuff that happened today.

Uh-oh. Xavier left for the beach and forgot to turn my access off. WHOOPS.

While he's away here's some stuff that went down today:

  • Modern Tales Announces New Strip Lounge Lineup
  • Multiplex joins Boxcar Comics
  • Elf `n Troll #5 Begins TODAY!
  • Sebo: The First Year comes to Keenspot