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Comix Talk for Thursday, July 8, 2010

Well let's just dive right in, shall we?

Milestones: I just saw a note on Mark Mekkes blog that he'd moved his webcomic Zortic off of Keenspot this month and is now part of a science fiction anthology webcomic site called Quark Comics.  The comics on Quark's roster include: OutsiderZap!ZorticSaucer SeekersJump Leads, and Station V3.  Mark has been in the webcomics game for 10 years (maybe more) and also had a gig creating and maintaining the (now on hiatus) WCCA awards.

INTERVIEW: Mike Rhodes interviewed Evan Keeling, cartoonist and founding member of the DC-area cartoon group DC Conspiracy.

CRAFT: Bryan Lee O'Malley gives you some pointers on word balloon placement on the page.

GOOD DEEDS DONE DIRT CHEAP: FLEEN reported yesterday that the Web-Comics Auction for the Gulf Coast, had raised a total of $1654.51 so far. There are 12 days left with several heavy hitters still to bid on.

THE MORE YOU KNOW: Webcomic creator Bryant Paul Johnson helped out by teaching a session at a webcomic summer camp in Massachusetts. They also had a session with cartoonist Hilary Price, of Rhymes with Orange.  Seriously!  A webcomic camp for middle school students -- not bad!

ZUDAMANIACONTESTS:  The Washington Post's "Next Great Cartoonist" contest is down to five contestantsHoxwinder Hall by Daniel Boris, Real Time by Bob Erskine, Forever Endeavor by Thomas Mullany, Stupid Inventor by Zachary Snyder, and Imogen Quest by Olivia Walch.

HYPEY McHYPESALOT:  Tim Stimmons plugs Jason Brubaker's reMind over at Geekweek:

reMIND differs a bit from standard webcomics-- in fact, Jason bills it as "The Making of a Graphic Novel"-- The site is actually more of a blog about the work-in-progress of independently creating a Coffee-Table OGN mixed with the sensibilities of a high-end design book. Having recently been awarded the prestigious Xeric award, he's well on his way to realizing his vision.

Comix Talk for Thursday, April 15, 2010

Inktank by Barry Smith

Washington is ON the hockey BANDWAGON folks.  I'd turn the site RED but why don't you imagine it that way instead. Today's INKTANK spoke to my inner caffeinated soul. It might as well have featured a little angel and little devil on my shoulders delivering the same dialogue...

INTERVIEWS: Fandomania has an interview with Nathan Schreiber, creator of Power Out, a webcomic on Act-I-Vate.  Webcomics Community has an interview with creator and Keenspotter Prime, Chris Crosby.

CONVENTIONS: Bags and Boards blog has an article speculating on Comicon moving from San Diego to Los Angeles. They think there are signs it may happen.

iWEBCOMICS: The Daily Cross Hatch has an article on indie comics on the iPad.

This Day In ComixTALK: March 4th

Winding up the Wayback Machine:


Keenspot revamped its "deal" with creators on its roster.  I assume it's gone well for most of the folks who took the new deal although I haven't seen any interview or story focus on that.


T Campbell interviewed chief wikipedian Jimmy Wales about webcomics and Wikipedia.


Speakeasy Comics bites the dust and Clickwheel announced commissions for comics.


Tauhid Bondia And Eric McCurdy give up on syndication for their comic Suzie View.

Another Platinum/DJ Coffman Update

DJ Coffman blogs more about his attempts to get some of the rights to Hero By Night returned from Platinum.  Earlier this spring Coffman blogged about shutting down production on the comic book Hero By Night because Platinum hadn't been paying him and other creators working on the book.  Coffman, understandably, has tried to be careful to layer his concerns within praise for Platinum -- he remains one of the company's biggest boosters online.  One wonders if Platinum will do the right thing by Coffman or just not do anything at all...

In related, but better for Coffman news, his other webcomic Yirmumah returned to Keenspot this month.

Catching Up With John Allison

John Allison has been making webcomics for almost as long as the world wide web has existed.  First with the comic Bobbins and then since 2002 with his current project Scary Go Round.  We reviewed Scary Go Round in our December 2005 issue and interviewed John for our 2003 issue (John also did the cover art for our December 2005 issue).  I got a chance to catch up with him via email on the eve of the 6th anniversary of Scary Go Round.


Keenspot is proud to announce that prolific, award-winning cartoonist KC Green has joined Keenspot. He brings his signature comics HORRIBLEVILLE, BEE POWER (formerly DROOP), and others to the popular webcomics network."I've been a fan of KC Green for awhile, and I'm honored that he's chosen to join Keenspot," said Keenspot CEO Chris Crosby. "His unique brand of humor and strikingly original art style make him one of the brightest lights shining on the webcomics scene today."

Crosbys Consolidate Control of Keenspot: An Interview with Chris Crosby

At the tail end of February Chris Crosby announced that he had closed a deal to buy out the shares of Darren "Gav" Bleuel and Nate Stone in Keenspot Entertainment.  Although Bleuel and Stone are to provide technical support to Keenspot through the summer, from now on Keenspot will be strictly the Crosby show.  And following on the heels of this announcement, Keenspot has moved to offer to its roster of creators a new advertising split.  In this brief interview we catch up with Crosby on these recent announcements, the 8th anniversary of Keenspot itself, and the 9th anniversary of Crosby's webcomic Superosity.

Abandoning Micropayments

Joel Fagin follows up his previous article on the selling of webcomics Reinventing Micropayments with another look at how creators could sell digital comics. This time, he further explores the notion of selling comic downloads and examines the initial results of Starline X Hodge's sales of her comic Candi.

News & Views for Friday, May 11, 2007








How's Your He/She Ratio?

This blog post poses the question: how is your he/she ratio?

I threw in a bunch of webcomics portal and group sites. Not surprisingly Girlamatic had the highest "she" percentage of any site I could think of. Somewhat surprisingly, was pretty close to 50/50 (at least closer than my perception of it would have led me to believe).