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Rolling Update For Friday

Wow- the first full week of 2010 at ComixTalk and I'm still surprised how much folks are talking about's and keenspot's recent announcements.  I think with the struggling ad market we may see another year of tremendous experimentation as folks try out old and new business ideas alike.  I wonder about the "swag" market -- a recent tweet about the amount of postage bought by Topatoco last year reminded me how little we know about trends in that area.  Sure we hear from individual cartoonists when they do well or not but I don't think anyone has an idea of whether collective sales of comics-related t-shirts, stickets, etc is going up or down over time.

Also, I guess the 3-D hype from movies and teevee has come to comics -- Comics Alliances writes up a recent effort at a 3-D webcomic.

Last another site note: I'm definitely going to a new site design, probably timed to moving to a new host; ideally within this month.  In the meantime partially inspired by the video of Lark Pien's Small Destructions installation I saw, I'm using the "cover" art slot here and changing it often (call it not-quite-daily).  I hope folks like some of them or at least don't mind.  We had 83 cover artists (give or take - some were collaborations) over 7 years and I finally thought I'd like to take my own turn at it.

Scott McCloud mentioned Dan Goldman's new webcomic Red Light Properties which has a panel at a time interface (Scott seems to approve) and pointed to an interview Goldman at the Graphic NYC blog.

An interview with Dinosaur Comics creator Ryan North focusing on his many webcomic tools like the ad system Project Wonderful and the RSS site, RSSpect.  Worth noting North recently added plans to add on January 30th geotargeting to the Project Wonderful platform.

ArtPatient has links to lots of free webcomic tutorial sites as well as Delos's usual amazingly complete round-up of interviews, reviews and other announcements.

The comic book website Broken Frontiers names Girl Genius the Best Webcomic of 2009.

Be sure to check out Christopher Baldwin's new webcomic Spacetrawler.

Boing Boing reports that the first two volumes of Wizzywig, Ed Piskor's graphic memoir of the early days of the BBS/hacking/phreaking scene, have been posted online.

Daily Cartoonist reports Bridgett Spicer’s webcomic Squid Row has landed a spot in The Monterey County Herald.

Little Gamers Celebrates Release Of Fourth Book With Signing At TopatoCo Headquarters

Pontus Madsen and Christian Fundin, the Swedish artists/fashion models behind the popular gaming-themed webcomic Little Gamers, will be signing copies of their brand-new "Volume 4" at a free event on September 11.

The long-awaited book will collect the fourth year of the comic, and  according to co-creator Madsen, the collection is "filled to the
rafters with spelling errors and grammatical nightmares."

The book is also "funnier than the older ones," he said.

Mars Needs Webcomics!

It is indeed August and I for one cannot believe the rapid passing of this summer.  Posting this month may be even lighter then usual for this year (which is already ComixTalk-lite it seems) and I'll be at the beach the last week of the month so perhaps that will turn into a very special themed  "beverage-mixin'" week.

Gary Tyrrell interviewed Holly Post of Jeff Rowland's TopatoCo which has turned into the biggest merchandise company for webcomic artists.

Jim Zub flagged this funny comic summing up all Hollywood hype panels at Comicon -- Magnolia Porter's whole comic, titled Bobwhite, is very worth checking out.

Box Brown pointed to this new comic about a fired Wall Streeter moving back in with his parents.  Lyman Dally's Living With Les has a timely topic, well-drafted art and it's funny enough (it could be funnier though).

Maira Kalman's comic about inventors, including the original ODB -- Ol' (Dirty) Ben (Franklin).  h/t Journalista!