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Webcomic Wire - 9/18/08

Drawn from sources all over the world…

Webcomic Wire - 9/11/08

Drawn from sources all over the multi-verse…

  • has a profile of Chris Onstad’s comic Achewood and webcomics as business model.
  • News-a-rama has a story about micropayments.
  • Webcomic Overlook gives Chainsawsuit a One Punch Review.
  • CBR interviews Danielle Corsetto.
  • ComixTalk reports about the new site design of the webcomic Stupid and Insane Defenders Against Chaos. Xerexes also has a nice roundup of the Platinum/Wowio news and Publishers Weekly has a good article about it too.
  • Free file hosting until 2038, you have to sign up for this promo offer by Sept. 15th.
  • Want to put money away for a short term goal like buying a Cintique? SmartyPig allows you to open a savings account to do just that and it’s FDIC insured. 
  • Steake and Kidney-Punch by Liz Greenfield is the latest to appear on Dark Horse’s online spotlight for new talent.
  • The Floating Lightbulb has a post about your morale and putting the polish on yoru webcomic.
  • Brinkerhoff – Pocket Full of Brink – Volume 2 is now available on Lulu. 
 Reported by Michael Moss.


Dirk Deppey catches all the Platinum news this morning.  Deppey describes a now-deleted post on the Investors Hub website (here's the Platinum discussion forum there if you're interested) by Platinum COO Brian Altounian that was a pretty inflamatory comment on Platinum's "relationship" with creator D.J. Coffman.  Coffman responded here and later here.

Deppey also links to a Publisher's Weekly story that focuses in on how book publishers are still happy with the new WOWIO site whereas comic publisher are not.  I think that actually speaks volumes to where the two types of publishers are in terms of adapting to the web and incorporating new media into their publishing strategies.

UPDATE: FLEEN gets an anonymous tip that WOWIO still doesn't know when it will get around to writing checks to publishers to pay them what it owes them.

Webcomic Wire - 9/3/08

Drawn from sources all over the know universe…

CBR reports about the Wowio late payment issue. DJ Coffman posts about the situation and leads us to these posts (1 and 2)by Brian Altounian about DJ and Wowio.
Publishers Weekly has an analysis on comics blogs. has an interview with Brad Guigar. has announced the [...]

Platinum/Wowio Payment Delays

Yesterday, another good round-up on the latest Wowio payment issues from Comic Book Resources.  There doesn't seem to be any new news though; publishers (which in some cases is the creators themselves) were supposed to get paid on August 15th.

Platinum/WOWIO is blaming the delay on the merger and makes it sounds like at least some of the publishers are getting their checks.  CBR quotes a Platinum representative as saying, "Payments are going out as quickly as we can get them sent."

Webcomic Wire - 8/29/08

Drawn from sources all over the web…

Wired covers PAX.
Wowioes, not your father’s breakfast cereal. Here’s what T Campbell is saying and Comics Worth Reading as well.  Platinum and Wowio as yet have not responded to my inquiry.
Eric Burns posts about criticism on websnark.
The Webcomic Overlook has part three of their ‘Joy of Webcomics’ series.
Newly [...]


Well take with a grain of salt, but ComicList noticed some twittering that WOWIO hadn't made its second quarter payments ot creators.  If true, well, that's not a good sign...

Webcomic Wire - 8/27/08

Drawn from sources all over the series of tubes that are strangely in control of everything

  • The Webcomic Overlook gives a One Punch Review of Ding!.
  • Apple bans the comic Murderdome from distribution through iTunes, Wowio does something similar.
  • In more Wowio-woes, they might be late on second quarter payments to creators.
  • Wizard Universe has posted the transcript from a roundtable discussion about webcomics.
  • The Scienteers review Jump Leads.
  • Paul Levitz talks about digital comics over at Publishers Weekly.
  • Webcomics Weekly gets a sponsor and Endicia has a postage meter starter kit deal offered to Webcomics Weekly listeners.
  • The Floating Lightbulb has some PW advertising tips and tricks.
  • Another top 5 webcomic list and a top 10 list for geeks.

Site Maintenance; Features Articles Update Coming

I've had to tackle some under-the-hood site maintenance and that's delayed another feature articles update.  Hopefully tonight!

In sporadically researched news-for-today:

ComicsMix links to a funny parody/mashup called Calvin and Jobs.

Very cool guest week at Wapsi Square commencing now with stuff from Scott Sava; Ryan Sias; Gisèle Lagacé; Trudy Cooper; and David Reddick.

Comics Reporters catches news of the exact date of the end of For Better or For Worse, sadly concluding with the just-doesn't-work plot of the wedding of Anthony and Elizabeth... (well unless creator Lynn Johnston has secretly viewed FBOFW as a story of great tragedy all along...)

DJ Coffman comments on WOWIO charging the same price for ebook versions of Hero By Night as the paper versions: ridiculous.

Comics Worth Reading reviews the Zuda entries for August.

The Scienteers have a rundown of the week at DrunkDuck comics.

Journalista! catches interviews with Cul de Sac creator Richard Thompson, Candorville creator Darrin Bell, The Araknid Kid creator Josh Alves, and Pictures for Sad Children cartoonist John Campbell.

It's Friday! Oh Thank Gawd...

This is the doggiest day of the doggiest month for me.  And almost all of the over-committed; under-performed threads of my life seem to be getting their equal short share of me.  Sigh...

I'll be on vacation the month of August 17th.  If you've ever had an interest in playing a "world famous" webcomics blogger/cub reporter on the Intertubes for a week shoot me an email (xerexes AT gmail DOT com) and maybe we can arrange for me to hand you the keys to the site for the week.  (Note - those were super-pretentious, self-mocking air quotes around the words "world famous")

Comics Worth Reading has a nice review of How To Make Webcomics.  I still haven't read this but the reviews seem to have all been positive.

Overcompensating meets Sweeney Todd = Jeffrey Todd.  Pretty cool.

CBR covers Gunnerkrigg Court, calling it the Harry Potter of webcomics.

Congrats to Jeffbot on its first year anniversary.  I only found this comic recently but am enjoying it.

Congrats to the Chemistry Set collective on its second year anniversary.

Webcomics-savvy journalist Rick Marshall and ComicsMix are parting ways.  One, this apparently is part of the end of news at ComicsMix.   Two, I wish there was more money in comics journalism to keep good writers fully employed.

LA Times has an article up about Zuda -- DC's monthly webcomics contest.