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y2cl radio episode 10 - Producer Kams B-day, Mysteries of the Arcana, and more!

On the show tonight: John, Kaylie, Producer Kam, and Keith W. from Mysteries of the Arcana.

Episode 10 was a ton of fun, so much fun in fact that it had to be split up into two shows! The second half, which also include TWO more guests, will go live Friday night!

Unfortunately there is no sideshow for this show, but here are some link to things Kieth W. mentioned on the show:

Here are some notes from the show:

mentioned stuff:
TGT Webcomics
Halo 3
Night Shift Studios
Tell Dia(10 issue mini by him)

he reads:(20 minutes)
Sluggy Freelance
Order of the Stick
Exiern: Dark Reflection
Marry Me
Sequential Art

his shout out:
Bouncing Orbs of Beauty