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stripShow 2.0 released!

I'm pleased to announce the release of version 2.0 of stripShow, the all-in-one webcomics package for WordPress!
(This announcement is a little late in coming -- so late, in fact, that the current version of stripShow available for download is 2.0.1.)
stripShow 2.0 includes a WordPress plugin providing easy-to-use administration pages for the uploading or importing of comics, and an all-new theme framework for creating your own stripShow themes.
stripShow operates by associating comic files (usually graphic images) with blog posts. Comic posts are kept separate from regular blog posts, which can continue to be used as normal.
stripShow is not just a theme -- it's a complete, all-in-one webcomics solution. Included with stripShow is the powerful new theming package, stripShow Sandbox, which provides a basic theme for webcomics display. You can easily create child themes which can customize the look of your site. Elements of stripShow Sandbox can be removed or customized to your liking in your child themes without ever modifying the parent theme. Never worry about theme upgrades destroying your work again!

Features of stripShow include:

  • Support for GIF, JPG, PNG, HTML, and Flash files as comics.
  • Comic files can be given any name you like.
  • Multiple comic files can be associated with a single blog post.
  • Comics can be grouped into storylines, which can be nested within other storylines.
  • Comics may be included in the RSS feed for your blog.
  • Metadata can be included within each comic for alternate "tool tip" text or to specify the orientation (horizontal or vertical) of the comic.
  • Text transcripts of each comic can be added to the comic post, using a handy tag language. These transcripts are searchable by WordPress and outside search engines.
  • A robust theming framework, stripShow Sandbox, which provides a basic theme for webcomics display.
  • stripShow includes several comics-specific widgets to plug into your site. In addition, the stripShow Sandbox framework includes two new widgetable areas, in the site header and for comics themselves
  • Handy template tags for adding stripShow functionality to existing themes.

Where to get stripShow
stripShow is a part of the WordPress Plugin Directory, which means it can be automatically downloaded from within WordPress, or it can be downloaded directly from here.
Full documentation for stripShow is available from the stripShow Support Site:

As always, questions or issues can be posted at the stripShow support forum.