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stripShow 2.1 released!

I'm inordinately pleased to announce the release of version 2.1 of stripShow, the all-in-one solution for running a webcomic on WordPress! New features in 2.1 include:

  • COVER YOUR SHAME! If you happen to draw a comic that is sometimes just nasty, filthy, disgusting... well, we don't judge. But sometimes people shouldn't be browsing that sort of thing from work, and for the benefit of those readers, creators can now cover NSFW strips with a cover image that must be clicked on before the real comic is displayed.
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR THUMBNAILS! Now, if you'd rather thumbnail images were something a little more personalized than just a scaled-down version of the comic, you can stick alternate images in a subfolder of your comics folder and show those instead.
  • SE HABLA FRANCAIS, MEIN FREUND! stripShow is now fully internationalized, and ready to be translated into all the languages of our big blue planet!

Obviously, all the great features that made stripShow the finest solution for WordPress webcomics, such as searchable, formatted transcripts, nested, low-maintenance storylines, easy upload of comics, and an awesome theming template, are still present, and ready to propel your webcomic into the 2010s. Download stripShow today from the WordPress Plugin Directory today, or visit our support site and join our community!