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Webcomic Wire - 3/10/09

Drawn from sources that are stunned…

  • Andrew Farago announced the passing of Rod Gilchrist, Executive Director of the Cartoon Art Museum. Our heartfelt condolences to Gilchrist’s family and friends for their loss.
  • Palace in the Sky Webcomic News has an interview with J Gray, creator of Mysteries of the Arcana.
  • ComixTalk links to a printable DIY comic on how to make mini comics.
  • The New England Webcomics Weekend 2009 reaches capacity.
  • Maria Walters asks ‘What’s up with webcomics?’
  • Gaming Aisle has some picks for their segment Webcomic of the Week.
  • Mashable has their list of the 20 best webcomics.
  • The Webcomic Overlook reviews Nedroid’s Picture Diary.
  • has a press release about a 50-year-old video editor named Byron Wilkins who changed careers to become a webcomic artist.
  • The Floating Lightbulb posts about some newer webcomics.
  • Comix 411 has an interview with Larry Latham.
  • God’s Playing Poker moves from Thursday to Friday.
  • Coyote Trax’s Webcomic Critique has a review of Boxes o’ FOxes.
  • Issue #19 of Creative Characters has an interview with Cyrus Highsmith.
  • News-a-rama has the nominees for the LA Times Book Prize which were announced on the 3rd.

Reported by Michael Moss.