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Webcomic Wire - 8/27/08

Drawn from sources all over the series of tubes that are strangely in control of everything

  • The Webcomic Overlook gives a One Punch Review of Ding!.
  • Apple bans the comic Murderdome from distribution through iTunes, Wowio does something similar.
  • In more Wowio-woes, they might be late on second quarter payments to creators.
  • Wizard Universe has posted the transcript from a roundtable discussion about webcomics.
  • The Scienteers review Jump Leads.
  • Paul Levitz talks about digital comics over at Publishers Weekly.
  • Webcomics Weekly gets a sponsor and Endicia has a postage meter starter kit deal offered to Webcomics Weekly listeners.
  • The Floating Lightbulb has some PW advertising tips and tricks.
  • Another top 5 webcomic list and a top 10 list for geeks.