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Interview with Bethan Price, creator of Rasberry Soda

Adam York from The Flowfield Unity interviews Bethan Price, creator of Rasberrry Soda

Hello, you asked to be grilled, and this is what you get... How did a webcomic creator such as yourself end up in Aberystwyth? Is this some sort of punishment for a crime perhaps?


Well... It wasn't so much to punish me as it was to keep the rest of the country safe by moving me into the middle of nowhere. I'm not really allowed to talk about it. It happened about 1987.

Did that have something to do with pirates?

Naturally, 34% of the Aberystwyth population is pirates. The other 66% is a combination of university students, crazy people and farmers. I'll tell ya... you DO NOT fuck with welsh farmers!

Tell me about it, I'm still missing two teeth from the last one I upset. Still, there are no Welsh farmers in Raspberry Soda, but there is a pirate... any chance you'll be adding a friend of the sheep soon?

Eh.... not really. Farmer characters leave themselves open to farmer jokes and those are usually pretty cringe-worthy. After 19 years of every English person I meet accusing me of having "liasons" with sheep, it's just not something I'd be able to have fun with in my comics...

Plus pitchforks are kinda tricky to draw!

Now I feel a little ashamed of my 'friend of the sheep' comment... hell, I'll probably loose a couple more teeth for that too. So, back to the interview... the biography on your site says that you update three times a week, that you are a student and that you work in a deli. That's a hectic schedule, which is most important to you?

Well now there's two ways to answer that question.
Because I a) do not want to fail my course and b) need money, I often have to move raspberry soda to the back of my list. So comics don't usually get to be top priority.

But honestly, it's the thing I enjoy most and the thing I'd be least likely to give up on. So in that respect, comics are more important to me.

Nice reply, you're not studying politics or some other diplomacy related course are you?

Sorry, I'm just a lowly film and TV student. They're the ones you see wandering around campus with the cameras and big furry microphones!

So, tell me, do you get much contact with your fans?

As for fans, a lot of mine are just friends and family who are into my work. Believe it or not, my mother is a huge fan. She put the url for my site in the christmas newsletter thingy she sends out with the christmas cards every year so now I have random neighbours and relatives telling me they've voted for me at buzzcomix.

Online, I get a few emails but the most contact I really have with my fans is over Livejournal. I post each one of my strips in the Raspberry Soda Livejournal and the friends list is building up nicely. They leave me comments and I can answer back if need be. It's a great way to run things actually.

So, what is the oddest feedback or strangest comment you've had from a comic?

A man who lives on the same street as me is convinced my comic is called "blackberry fizz." I think that's pretty funny. Maybe I'll keep that in mind if I ever decide to make a spinoff.

Are any of the supporting cast ready for their own spin-off I'd love to see Chompy in his own strip/series?

It's never really seemed necessary to me to think about a spin-off (despite what I just said). Beffa is my main gal and she's definitely in the spotlight the most but I've never had a problem moving her out of the way to focus on a story about another character for a few episodes.

So if a really great story for Chompy comes into my head I'll just make it happen - and it was Chompy who was the main character in the story I just made for the transplanthology.

Actually, right now I'm moving towards a new story arc that will have Ducky in the centre of things a lot more. Ducky is a really fun character to write into stories and I've overlooked him in most of my recent comics.

Is that agent-speak for 'was too drunk to appear in my comics'?

I guess it must be! We haven't seen a drunk ducky in a long while and I really need to rectify that!

I think we're just about done now... any last words? any last requests?

I want world peace ^_^

Rasberrry Soda is part of the Transplant Comics Collective