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Webcomics and VC's: Who Knew?

It will come as no surprise to regular readers of my blog that I've been contemplating steering WCN into the dangerous and exciting waters of venture funding. Sort of an open secret. Today, in the course of researching a very promising partnership, I stumbled tangentially (from a comment on a post on a blog on a comment on a post on a blog on a ... you get the idea) onto this, a true webcomic from the dotcom boom/bust era, all about the world of venture capital.

I thought the first wave of webcomics was all about videogames and UNIX engineers. I mean, I always knew that that was an oversimplication, but still -- a niche webcomic serving financial industry types? That's the kind of weirdly mainstream play you'd expect to see launching now, not way back when. The history of webcomics is studded with these little surprises, I guess.

It's pretty funny, too.

I remember that one

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I don't remember loving it but I remember it.


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