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Sexy Webcomics

No, I'm not trawling for porn.

I'm kicking around an idea for a webcomic about relationships and stuff that would have sex in it. Not porn, or even erotica, but just sex scenes like you get in movies. Maybe a bit saucier than that. Think Friends mixed with Sex in the City (OK, I don't actually know either of those shows very well, I'm just hoping I'm hitting the right note here.)

Anyway, in reading up on other romance/relationship comics, I've yet to come across one that isn't either "no sex in panel please" or "porn with a plot". Not that there's anything wrong with either of those, but I was hoping I could sit somewhere in between. Is that possible, or is the slide into erotica inevitable?

I'm worried it may be hard not to get sidetracked into the sexual side of things, or, on the other hand, that I'll frustrate my readers by not delivering the booty they signed up for. Do any of you know of any webcomics with sex but not about sex? Or have any thoughts on how to pull this off? (Not that I have no thoughts of my own, but it's always good to augment the voices with someone who actually lives outside my head, you know?)

So, webcomics and sex, discuss.

(My site - nothing relating to this new comic up there yet, but other comics that can be read.)

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I wasen't logged in. This is me. ^^


If there is an artist out there looking for a writer please contact me. I can't draw for beans but I can write with the best of them! (

If there is an artist out there looking for a writer please contact me. I can't draw for beans but I can write with the best of them! (

Web comics

If you would like to see some web comics with porn but a major story line type go to that link. It has some great ones on there. Oh and if you would email me with your comic that would be great as I'm always looking for good webcomics. ^^I've read so many so far I need more while I wait for updates. I don't know why but when I randomly search for them I find nudity. I don't mind though. ^^

Well as a guy who draws a

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Well as a guy who draws a "Porn with a plot" webcomic, I will offer this bit of encouragement that I get from My DM (Paraphrased) "This is webcomics, You can do anything you want, Or at least you can try!". I would suggest a wide variety in your characters, and dont be afraid to have their personalities clash...I also suggest to actually watch Sex in the City and friends (Cringe "Ewwwww") If that is the kind of webcomic you are going for.

A Call to Destiny an Adult Sci-Fi webcomic.

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It's not really that I want

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It's not really that I want to make a webcomic version of Sex in the City, it's more that what I'm doing might be in roughly the same league when it comes to naughtiness. I quoted it as a rough indication of what I'm trying to do.

I can do anything I want, of course, but it'd be nice if it turns into something other people want to read, you know? Your comic is kind of cool, but it's really hard to read. Your lettering is pretty erratic.

It has lots of sex though. :)

Comics by a girl who likes sad things (but sometimes they are funny) -

Comics by a girl who likes sad things (but sometimes they are funny) -

Sex in Comics

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Well, I think I'm agreeing with the previous posters that it doesn't really matter if the comic is about sex or not--what's more important is that story makes sense. If the story happens to involve two (or more) people having sex then so be it.

As far as your other qestion about comics with sex that aren't sex comics, the best example I can think of is the Daniel Clowes stuff. He portrays sex in some of his stories but it rarely seems 'sexy'. In fact, it tends to highlight the characters' alienation.


Ass Burns? Try Ass-prin!(Ass-prin contains no aspirin)

Ass Burns? Try Ass-prin!(Ass-prin contains no aspirin)


Nice work RD. You made the

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Nice work RD. You made the right call including it, it fits the story and it's not sensationalist in any way.

DAJB, that's a fair point I suppose, although, I don't think that just because Moore can get away with something, I can too. XP I guess I'll just have to try to pace myself and not get carried away.

Comics by a girl who likes sad things (but sometimes they are funny) -

Comics by a girl who likes sad things (but sometimes they are funny) -

I write a Sci-Fi webcomic,

I write a Sci-Fi webcomic, so its not in the same genre as the one you're going to be going into but I've got a sex scene at the beginning of Chapter 3 of Instrument of War. I like to think that it's tasteful and it's definitely needed for the plot so the reader understands the lead characters emotions later on in the story.

The thing is, I wasn't sure whether to put it in at first in case it put people off, or made readers think I was doing it as a sort of stunt to get readers in. This was ridiculous. I'm glad I went with it and I think the story is stronger for it, so if you've got a story you want to tell that has sex in it, then just go with it.

Rob Deas

Maybe you do ... Does it

Maybe you do ... Tongue out

Does it really matter if it can be called erotica? Alan Moore has confronted the subject head-on by openly labelling "The Lost Girls" as pornography. I haven't read it yet since, due to complicated copyright issues, it won't be released in the UK until next year but I very much doubt if Moore means that it's mindless exploitation. In fact I suspect he's incapable of writing anything with less than 30 layers of meaning and 54 different sub-texts but, effectively, he's thrown down the gauntlet and said, sure, call it pornography if you want - it's my story and I've told it my way.

I don't think you can go far wrong if you take your lead from someone of his stature!

Broken Voice Comics
Because comics are not just for kids

Broken Voice Comics
Because comics are not just for kids

Moral majority

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I'm not too worried about the moral majority, this is not going to be a comic for people who think sex should be one man, one woman, once a month.

It is a judgement call, of course. I'm not so worried about it fitting with the story, the plot is pretty much built around there being sex. It's what defines and redefines the characters' relationships, so I don't think it'll feel like a cheap tactic.

I do wonder how much sex you can put in before it becomes glorified erotica. And once it is that, whether you can still get away with having serious discussions, non-sexual goofing around, messy breakups or one of the characters having an angst fit.

Maybe I worry over nothing...

Comics by a girl who likes sad things (but sometimes they are funny) -

Agreed. Ignore the so-called

Agreed. Ignore the so-called moral majority (who are, I suspect, not a majority at all but a very small, blinkered minority!) and do what you think is right.

I work on the principle that I won't put sex in my stories just for its shock value (assuming webcomic readers can be shocked!) or in a cheap attempt to attract readers but, if I think it's right for the story, I won't censor myself either. There's a fair bit of nudity and sex (explicit if not graphic) in the first part of The Spires, for example, but I'm satisfied it's there for a reason and the story wouldn't be right without it.

At the end of the day, it's a judgement call. Not everyone will agree with you but the nice thing is, it's your call to make!

Broken Voice Comics
Because comics are not just for kids

Broken Voice Comics
Because comics are not just for kids

I think sex is like anything

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I think sex is like anything else a creator may choose to tackle. If it adds to the story and fits within the overall feel of your comic, why not?

If your comic is going to be about adult relationships, sex is indeed something that could (maybe should) be explored.

In my comic, Bad Shape (the following is NSFW), my characters pretty regularly discuss, engage in and, occasionally, get experimental with sex.

My readers go with it because it fits into the storylines. It also fits into the overall feel of the comic. It's not a comic about sex. It's a comic about two friends who "keep it real"... a little too real at times.

Even in their sexing.


writer @ yirmumah



writer @ yirmumah