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State of Debt On

Since I've neglected a few announcements about my comic on my Comixpedia blog, I'm going over a few of the recent changes to my strip at once.

First, my comic is no longer a daily but a thrice-weekly. This has given me a chance to experiment with the artwork. Since then I have altered my coloring style, started hand-lettering the artwork, and using a more organic approach overall.

For the time being I am not coloring the strips. This is because I felt I needed to spend more time on the composition, especially the balance between black and white, and designing more interesting backgrounds and shading. I intend on eventually coloring the missed strips.

Story-wise, I have just reached a point I've been working towards a long time. My main character has gotten a job as a waiter, moving the setting of many of the strips to a corporate restaurant. Much of my existing written material is set at this restaurant.

The new storyline just started and its the first full story drawn in my new art style. I'm introducing a bunch of new characters right now so this is a great time to start reading.