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Webcomics Creator Publishes Novel

Webcomics author/artist James L. Grant (Two Lumps, Flem Comics) has just published a novel entitled "On the Banks of Lethe." Anyone who reads his LiveJournal has been treated to the man's thoughts through the process of writing to publishing. Here's a summary...

"One day Charles receives a voicemail from a frantic woman who notes all the time they spent together when they were younger. She's coming to Dallas to be with him; and she still loves him. Charles has no idea who she is. This is a story of memory, betrayal, trust, two pennies and a dead man."

Now available on Amazon.

Stuff about the book.

I had no idea you guys ran a spot on this. Cool! LETHE is actually my second fiction novel - the first was called PEDESTRIAN WOLVES and came out two years ago.

LETHE is actually my favorite story I've written so far, and I hope people enjoy it.

Getting more Graphic Novel Arts to submit for new book

That sounds pretty cool. We're trying to get more Graphic Novel Artists to submit work for our new book, SUPER HEROES, which contains photography, art, etc. It's the first time we've included Graphic Illustrations in our art books, and we'd really like to see a good representation of excellent graphic novelists and comic book art. ( Any suggestions, just let us know.

Holy crap.

Holy crap.