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Thoughts on Advertising Through Project Wonderful

 Project WonderfulReinder has a good post collecting his thoughts on advertising through sites using Project Wonderful. My understanding is that PW proprietor Ryan North is working on adding new features to the site so some of Reinder's concerns may be addressed at some point.

one thing i noticed about

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one thing i noticed about the 'make a lower bid and make someone else pay more for their slot' is if you delete your bid, it goes back down to what they were paying before you bid. so if you did that by mistake, and you feel like not being an asshole for some reason, just withdraw it instead of leaving it there as an outbid. i'm pretty sure that's the case at least, but don't quote me on that.

PS: ryan, if you're reading this, how long does it take to get invitation codes?



It is the case. Also if you

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It is the case. Also if you have a lower bid waiting, but run out of funds on your account, your bid is suspended and the bids outbidding you go down accordingly.

I think the idea behind bidding lower and leaving the bid up is that the higher bid will eventually run out of ad budget or decide they've saturated that site enough and move on, so your ad will be there waiting to grab the space automagically.

It's a little wierd when you see boxes with one button worth over a dollar and another worth 10 cents. You'd think one of the people bidding so high would switch their bid to the cheaper box. It might be cool to allow people to bid on a ad box as a whole if they'd rather just get the cheapest button than bid on a specific box.


Nerdcore: The Core Wars

___ Nerdcore: The Core Wars

I'm somewhat bothered by the

I'm somewhat bothered by the fact that, at the time of writing at least (quarter past ten, CET), all the PW ads on Comicspace, and apparently Comixpedia as well, have been reset. I hope this is just a tweak to Josh's ad settings, not some sort of response to my contention that the ads there were overvalued. I thought they were, but I also thought the market would be able to correct that in due course.

Ryan, my stats don't bear out the notion that duplicate ads increase value, but like I said in my blog post, my list of things I've learned is far from scientific.

On the whole, I'm a pretty satisfied PW customer. I have some concerns about the system's gameability, but it's probably not something that's going to matter hugely now, as with most ads on most sites, the amounts of money involved aren't worth the bother. Once PW gets a higher profile, it will become more worthwhile for bad actors to game the system and develop software to automate gaming the system. Better to sort out any of those issues before they begin to matter.

Nevermind, seems to have

Nevermind, seems to have been a glitch.

Ads Stop When Server Hiccups

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My understanding is that the ads stop when the server running them hiccups. So when Comixpedia goes down PW stops serving ads - i think that when they come back up again I've seen them as blank "put your ad" here spaces for a brief period before the actual ads kick in.


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It just needs some more blood.

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I'd suggest courting independant musicians as additional buyers and sellers of ad space. (Nerdcore rapper ytcracker is advertising on my site this month. That's a start ^_^)

The webcomic and indie music scenes have a lot in common, as I've pointed out before, and I be they could benefit from PW in the same way webcomics can. There's also enough of a crossover in interests but not necessarily audiences that would make for some ideal cross-pollination. Especially given all the comics that tangentially relate to a given genre of music.

Another obvious group of people to court would be podcasters, especially podiobook authors.

Edit: After reading the linked article, I realized my comment is more of a response to Reinder's last post about PW, and also something I think I read from Eric Millikin's site about PW just causing money to go from less popular comics to more popular comics. I think my point is still valid, if slightly off topic


Nerdcore: The Core Wars

___ Nerdcore: The Core Wars

Categories of Advertisers?

It might be useful to tag or otherwise provide some categorization of advertisers on PW? If it grows substantially beyond webcomics to things like music, blogs, etc that would help some with finding the kinds of sites you want to advertise on.

As far as I know, advertiser

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As far as I know, advertiser tags have been implemented since the beginning. A major category selector might be a nice addition, though.


Nerdcore: The Core Wars

___ Nerdcore: The Core Wars

PW is a system (really, a

PW is a system (really, a market) that everyone's sort of figuring out how it behaves, including myself! I wouldn't say that double ads add no value: it seems to me (from my experience) that while double ads won't get you twice the clicks of one ad, they do ad value, because the more ads you have, the more people are willing to check it out, sort of a "wow, this person really wants me to see what this is about!"

But again, that's just my personal experience!


I'm working on adding new features as we speak (this is how I spend most days, actually!) Reinder's been a great source of feedback, and his comments helped me put in changes to the way PW contacts you, which have been really successful.