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Joe Dunn Cover for ComixpediaPosts like this from talented folks like Joe Dunn make me a bit depressed too. Dunn is a talented artist and a fairly funny writer too who has steadily improved in his webcomic work. There's no question the world is better off with Dunn doing comics (or some other creative work he could throw his skill set at) than a day job. But as folks get older, start families, have responsibilities, well, you need to make a living.

It's definitely a time of chaos and opportunity in webcomics comics. Right now the folks who are "making" a living seem to have a skill set that involves a minimum amount of business savvy (and patience to deal with that) and willingness to take some risks. Nothing wrong with that but I hope we get to a point where artistic talent and vision along can carve its own successful path.

In the meantime I sincerely hope Joe Dunn can find a way to keep making comics. His work has been hugely enjoyable to read and look at.

The reasons we do this can

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The reasons we do this can seem pretty murky sometimes. While I don't advocate quitting all together, I do think it's good to pull back sometimes. Every now and again, when things get to crazy, it's good to simplify.

Joe's a great guy and I've

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Joe's a great guy and I've had the pleasure of meeting him and hanging out with him on a few occasions. As such, when I read his blog the other day, I thought he was just being characteristically hard on himself. People who know Joe know that he puts a lot of pressure on himself.

Of course, now that people outside of his circle are commenting on it, I find myself thinking twice and wondering "Should I be worried?"

Joe is one of the most relentless talents in web comics. The guy has been known to juggle no less than 4 full-time gigs at once, in addition to working a regular job. It would be a shame to lose his voice in the community.

Theater Hopper -::- Comics about movies every Monday, Wednesday and Friday -::-

Theater Hopper -::- Comics about movies every Monday, Wednesday and Friday -::-

Good Luck Joe.

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I hope this is just a stumbling block for ya.

Tim Demeter
does a buch of neato stuff.

Reckless Life

Tim Demeter
does a bunch of neato stuff.
Bustout Odds

Said it before and I'll say

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Said it before and I'll say it again:

Comics ain't the mafia, you can come and go as you please. Joe obviously needs to take a break and recharge.

I can relate

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Yep, me too. - what do you mean you haven't read it? - what do you mean you haven't read it? - I know you've read this. Who hasn't?<

Whoa... deja vu...

I really feel like I could've written that.