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2007 WCCA Categories


The WCCAs have finalized the categories for 2007!

First of all, we have decided to continue to use the “genre” categories, but we are shaking things up a bit. This year those categories will remain the same, however we will be adding a nomination category that will allow voters to recommend 4th Tier categories for 2008. The most recommended category recommendations will be considered by the committee while finalizing future category lists. We’re hoping that, not only will this help us to recognize the voter’s interest in these categories, but it will make these categories more fluid and help us in recognizing and presenting current trends in Webcomics for each year rather than trying to standardize a list of genre categories that can never be all inclusive.

Also note that we don’t intend to announce the “winning” categories with the rest of the award winners. The WCCA committee will still need time to consolidate and interpret the results in order to make sure that everyone’s category interpretations are fairly represented. However we do hope that this tool will help us in finalizing that decision relatively quickly.

Of course all of this information will be available on the WCCA website.