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Andrei Molotiu's Blot Comics

Since I never see it mentioned around here, I wanted to point out the slew of beautiful abstract comics that Andrei Molotiu has been posting on his BlotComics blog.

Molotiu combines the comics form with the design and style of abstract painting. Amorphous shapes that hint at something more seem to move and undulate across panels.

I guess the question is

I guess the question is whether something with neither narrative nor punchline is a comic at all.

Dividing a sheet of abstract shapes into panels may create a similar appearance to that of a comic but is that all it takes? If we took a sheet of newsprint or a wallpaper pattern or the Mona Lisa and divided it into little square panels it may or may not be an interesting work of art, but is it really a comic?

Class - discuss!

Broken Voice Comics
Because comics are not just for kids

Broken Voice Comics
Because comics are not just for kids

I guess that all depends on

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I guess that all depends on how you want to define "comics" DAJB, but I don't think we need a "punchline" and "narrative" is a fairly loose term. You probably mean "abstract".

In a literary sense we can have poems that are narrative or non-narrative, so I don't see why comics cannot be also. I see comics as more a form or structure than a style or content.

Inherit value

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Neal, I'm not sure what you mean by "inherent value in webcomics". Do any webcomics have inherent value?

I guess I should be careful

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I guess I should be careful with the word "value". I mean only "popular".

My point being, with an large emphasis in comics on conventional narrative and representation, Work like these remixes get looked over. These are the kinds of thing that would be welcome and "valued" or "popular" in the fine art world but in comics they tend to only be useful for a much smaller audience.

Your point is... they won't

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Your point is... they won't be popular?

I can't argue that.

Actually, Derik reviewed my

Actually, Derik reviewed my Maakies remix:

He explains it as well as I ever could have.

Molotiu's Maakies strips (a

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Molotiu's Maakies strips (a small version of which can be seen here) were discussed in the Webcomic Examiner's Conceptual Webcomics roundtable ('bout halfway down the page, James Kochalka brings them up.)

They are attractive experiments, for sure, and the kind of work I enjoy. but it's hard to find their inherit "value" in webcomics. Especially with the usual emphasis put on narrative and coherency.