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Project Wonderful Hiccups

I'm sure Comixpedia noticed this morning that the Project Wonderful ads wern't loading. I just was wondering how widespread the server issue that Project Wonderful is having effects our world of comics.

Maybe someone who is better at Math then I am can now discover what the price of being popular really is? I'm not holding the torch to them. My daygig is server admin for a transportation company. I know that servers have issues.

What I'm asking is just how many sites had PW ads on them. Are they now all loading slow? Was this an announced outtage and we missed a memo? For those sites like comicspace who are loosing revenue because the ads arn't up how will this effect them.

But I'm a geek and these kinds of question get me excited. Over at Nightgig we're loading slow but it's not the first time. I'm just glad it's not our host this time. It's a little bit annoying because our forum is effected and we just put out a new podcast. We'll survive.

I got over 200 emails about

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I got over 200 emails about cancelled bids last night, but I think that was part of the new cancellaion of zero-dollar bids after x days thing. I guess I had more outbid bids than I thought.


Nerdcore: The Core Wars

___ Nerdcore: The Core Wars

Good news. It didn't take

Good news. It didn't take long for it to come back to life.


I blame sunspots


The Gigcast



The Gigcast

Problems here too

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I'd say my site suffers intermittent outages due to PW's server problems almost every day. Often the site will hang while it tries to retrieve an ad from PW - this is a big problem for me as nothing else loads until the ad is done, so first-time visitors might end up staring at an almost-blank page and wondering why they went there in the first place. Sure, if I'm patient and refresh a few times the page will eventually load, but how many of us would do that for something we've never been to before?

I love PW, it's a great concept and fairly well executed. But these outages are extremely frustrating.

Crimson Dark

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