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DrunkDuck Interviews Amelius

DrunkDuck updated its news section last night and one of the new features that came out of it are creator interviews. The first interview is of Amelius, creator of Charby the Vampirate, a comic that has consistantly grabbed the top spot of the most read list on DrunkDuck.

Other DrunkDuck news that cropped up over the holidays: Issue one of the Hero By Night comic book series is in the Diamond Previews ordering catalog, page 175 in the Image Comics section under Platinum Studios Comics label. Also, Hero By Night Diaries passed its 50th strip during the holidays!

Tri Noble's first issue is also available for print at IndyPlanet!

While Farmillia's first issue is available at!

Meanwhile, THE END is holding a contest to start the New Year off!

Finally, because there are 14 people interested in getting a free table over at Wizard World in LA, there will indeed be a DrunkDuck Creators Alley there this year!