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Narbonic Commentary Podcast # 1

This is it! Narbonic has ended, but, as promised, you can look forward to six more years' worth of Narbonic: The Director's Cut, with commentary and other DVD-like extras. This podcast is one of them -- a weekly conversation between Narbonic creator Shaenon K. Garrity and myself, hopefully with some special guests along the way.

In this week's edition, Shaenon talks about how she feels about finishing Narbonic; remembers things she forgot to put in the text-based commentary for the first week's worth of expanded strips, and attempts to pursue and intensify her pathetic little feud with myself. Also, we discuss my fatness.

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Very Funny/Good

Xaviar Xerexes's picture

I heard the bit about this month's cover here - what's this other image? It wasn't submitted as a Comixpedia cover - this was the only idea I saw.

Anyhow - if I'm ever in San Francisco, I'll pick up Shaenon's comics for scanning in.


Xaviar Xerexes

On second thought, let's not go to Comixpedia. It is a silly place.

I run this place! Tip the piano player on the way out.

Yeah, now that I look at it

Joey Manley's picture

Yeah, now that I look at it again, it's obvious it wasn't for Comixpedia. I just had a fairly vague memory of it when I brought it up in the podcast, because I thought it was funny. Ah well. Journalists we're not!