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National Autism Association Announces Webcomic T-Shirt Fundraiser

I got this private message from Robert Tinnell who does The Chelation Kid (a very awesome webcomic. Everyone should check it out!) and I'm trying to spread the news about a Chelation Kid t-shirt. Basically you can buy it at The National Autism Association and all proceeds go towards funding autism research.

So you get a great shirt AND support charity! :D

He actually sent me the whole press release. It's pretty long but there's a lot of useful information on it. To read the whole thing, simply go here and it's in his author's notes.

I have Asperger's syndrome.

I have Asperger's syndrome. Somewhat related to autism.


I think a lot of geeks have Asperger's syndrome or some form of autism.

My son has Autism and I know

My son has Autism and I know of a few others as well who either have it or have a child who has it.

I'll be checking out the sites



The Gigcast



The Gigcast

Working my way through the

Neal Von Flue's picture

Working my way through the archives now. I wasn't familiar with this comic previously, and so far it's fantastic.