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Lunchbox Funnies: New All-Ages Comic Collective

Lunchbox FunniesWe're announcing the launch of "Lunchbox Funnies," a new comics collective featuring some of the finest all-ages comics on the internet!

The term “all-ages” has become something of a mantra for our creators. We’ve each been working towards creating highly entertaining comics that can be enjoyed by beginning readers, teenagers, and adults alike. We’re convinced that “all-ages” doesn’t mean “just for kids,” but rather it’s a label that should apply to entertainment that allows for shared experiences across generational lines. Our creators benefited greatly from quality all-ages entertainment growing up, but these days stories that can be enjoyed by children and adults seems incredibly rare. Lunchbox Funnies wants to change that.

The lineup features:

At the Lunchbox Funnies website, you’ll find links, news, and information for each of our comics and creators.