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Want to Blog For Comixpedia?

As we head into 2007 I'm fairly positive about the course Comixpedia is on. We're heading for another software upgrade within Drupal that will let me do some cool things (probably end of January) and I'm working on getting new life and a little more content into the magazine. Lots of stuff I'm excited about.

But I'd like to get some other people involved in the daily blogging here on the front page. It's already helped that so many people post "user blogs" every day, but in terms of front page posts (and spotting user blogs for promotion to the front page) I think things would be better with at least a few more people participating.

Why blog for Comixpedia? Actually I'd like to know the answer to that myself :)

In all seriousness Comixpedia has several good things going for it: it's the oldest ongoing webcomic news and commentary site around, it has a pretty decent share of the "reading about webcomics" audience (and our news is syndicated at the webcomics hub The Webcomic List), and it has an audience filled not only with webcomics-savvy fans, but creators, publishers, and others contributing in significant ways to webcomics.

I'm not looking for clones of myself, but other interesting voices to add to the daily mix. I'm looking for all kinds of people from any kind of background. Ideally we're also looking for someone(s) who can submit 2-3 posts a week and would stick with it for at least 6 months (say til July).

If you're interested here's how to apply - I'd like anyone who wants front page status here at Comixpedia to post a comment here with anything they want to write about why they'd make a good addition to the front page here at Comixpedia. Then over the rest of the month (up to and including Jan. 31) write at least three "try-out" posts using your user blog (write more if you want). A "try-out" post should be the kinds of things you'd want to write on the front page. BE SURE TO TAG these posts with this tag - "new blogger" (in topics) so I know they are posts for consideration for front page status. I'll post a round-up of links to all of the try-out posts on Feb. 1st so I can get feedback from the rest of Comixpedia on who should get front page status.


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How is this gonna work xerexes?

Emails Coming

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Everyone who did the blogging tryout - expect some emails by this weekend at the latest. I'm just behind on Comixpedia stuff.


Xaviar Xerexes

On second thought, let's not go to Comixpedia. It is a silly place.

I run this place! Tip the piano player on the way out.


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Uh, yeah, I guess the subject header says about everything.

me too

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I'd like to blog. I do a webcomic (that verb kicked butt). I also do writing (that one too). Hope I can figure out this tagging and linking business because it's not working for me so far and I can't find the answers in the FAQ! Ah to enjoy the goodness of BBC code again...

Comics Legends & Lore

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Both my brother and I have been lifelong readers of comics (I started when they where $ 0.05). Back in the 80's we had a comic book store in Lynn, MA called Comics, Legends & Lore. Circumstances demanded that we sell the store (angry spouse). Recently we've been told to clear the remaining comics out of his house (upset spouse). I am a photographer selling my works on the web. I've been re-reading the books, slowly incorporating them into my store front.

It's been an incredible trip down memory lane, and its just begun. I've been attempting to recontact old customers (one became a writer with Marvel). We used to hold open houses with members of the industry. One is now a member of the faculty of the only college in the US with a major in the Comic Book Field.

I'm heading to the Comic Convention in New York City next week. Just as a paying customer. Too early in the process to get back to the paying vender routine- we had a traveling show when we were store owners.

The industry has changed in 25 plus years. I do feel its vibrant - the web makes the audience truly international. When I started my website several years ago I wanted to explore the possibility of web books - providing access for novice authors. It never happened. Now, rediscovering the world of Comics again, the idea has developed traction.


web blog:

web store:

What Color Is Magic?


Well, I'm not sure if I

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Well, I'm not sure if I can make it by the new 2/28 deadline, but I'll give it a shot. If nothing else, I can pull old stuff from my LJ. ;)


As for my credentials, I've been doing webcomics since September of 1998, been awarded Tasty Biscuits, and write a lot of commentary on stuff. That should get me started, anyhow. ;)

-The Gneech

-- -- The life, loves, and career of aspiring supermodel and ferocious predator, Tiffany Tiger -- NeverNever, the story of the faeries at war with humanity, and of the humans who just don't notice

-- -- The life, loves, and career of aspiring supermodel and ferocious predator, Tiffany Tiger -- NeverNever, the story of the faeries at war with humanity, and of the humans who just don't notice</&

Heck yes, I'd like to Blog For Comixpedia

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We wake up everyday in the future, and we should know it.

And we should all also know that as a visual medium incorporating both images and words, comics are a perfect, relatively easy to create delivery system for entertainment via web browser, even as the print equivalent is in decline.

I’m interested in what webcomics mean to, and what value they have for, the people that create them and the people that read them. I’d like the opportunity to write about how webcomics fit into the future we all inhabit, and how they fit into the framework of an on-line world. It is this wider perspective that I feel I can offer Comixpedia.


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I'm interested. I just submitted my first blog article for consideration, more to follow...



Scott Reedhttp://www.websbestcomics.comhttp://www.theovermancomic.com 

Sure, why not

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I currently am working on what is my first graphic novel, Draven: The Vampire Chronicle. I update this webcomic weekly and with it nearing the end of the first chapter, the story is getting really exciting and the chapter finale is going to be epic!

I'm on this damnable device all the time, so I can manage 2-3 posts per week. I guess I should've read this before making my last update. =P

So yeah, it's gonna rock and if you want to give it a shot, I am game for devoting my time to 2-3 posts per week.

*tosses hat into the ring*

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I'm primarily a comics reader, although I may be adding comics writer to that resume shortly. I've read ComixPedia for a good long while, but usually from the sidelines. I read a large variety of online comics, and would like to start drawing attention to them in this or some other forum. I also read a lot of print comics, and can blather on about them to any captive audience. I live in San Francisco, so I'd probably also be writing about APE and (to a lesser extent) WonderCon. If my credentials do expand to writing (and potentially lettering) a comic, I'd be blogging about that experience as well, from creation to print production, and also about some of the issues that matter to me, like visual representation of diversity in comics.

I'd like a shot.

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I'd be interested in trying out if you are open to the public in general. I am not a writer or cartoonist, but I have blogged and belonged to numerous webforums. I have been reading web comics since the heady panda days when web cartoonist ran free and wild, dreaming of becoming Pete Abrams but with the ability to draw and resolve story arcs. Given my experience (or lack there of) I will try to blog on various comics, comics issue, and the ubiquitous drama of webcomicdom from the perspective of a comic reader rather than from the creator-centered perspective comixpedia often has in the past. Or so is the plan, at any rate. I'll have something up by tommorrow for you to look at. Thanks for the opportunity!


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Well, there goes nothin'. Or something. In any event I posted my first try out blog.

I'm a bit of a latecomer to

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I'm a bit of a latecomer to this and probably won't have two more articles in the next 40 hours. But I've been meaning to write more about comics for the last eight years and haven't gotten around to it. I seem to react best to an audience and a deadline, and (like everyone else) I'm interested in a number of comics and communities that I feel are under-represented here.


Terrence Marks

Spare Parts
You Say it First

Terrence Marks

Spare Parts
You Say it First

Heck of a good first post

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That was a heck of a great post on Wikipedia, Terrence.


Xaviar Xerexes

On second thought, let's not go to Comixpedia. It is a silly place.

I run this place! Tip the piano player on the way out.


Just thought I'd drop by to register my own interest in blogging for comixpedia. I don't actually have any experience in writing or drawing webcomics but I do have quite a lot of writing experience, both amateur and professional.

Again, this does not include writing on the subject of comics - unless you include my brief excursion into the world of blogging on myspace, on which I mentioned comics quite a lot for the short space of time that I wrote anything on there.

I have written on various forms of gaming both for websites and print magazines. My day job/secret identity is that of a mild-mannered saleperson within video games distribution - so yes, I do have a primarily gaming background.

Comics have always been a passion though, and always will be, so it'd be an honour to write for comixpedia.

I shall get some sample blog posts completed and posted as soon as I can.

Giving it a shot

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I'll give it a shot. I'm an admin over at DrunkDuck so most of the user blog posts I've been writing over at Comixpedia have been news that DD users have given me or to another admin. I also help out at NightGig and at one point was recording webcomic reviews with MisterSpook.

I'm interested in continuing along that vein and possibly do some comic reviews of lesser known comics as a way of spotlighting other talents in the webcomic community. (I go through comics anyway to put them up for feature on DD.) I'm also a student teacher so I would be interested in touching upon using webcomics/comics as teaching resources or anything related.

I'm not sure if there's any conflict of interest involved with me writing blogs for Comixpedia but if there is, I'll understand and withdraw.

Why Not? I'm Game

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I've got a busy schedule, but I think I can do this. I'd be interested in writing about the origins of comic collectives and their various goals, the backgrounds of comic creators - such as artistic training, professional writing experience, or sitting on the couch all day scratching themselves. I'd also love to interview webcomickers just on the edge of going professional, and find out about the nerve-wracking decision to go for it. That last one may be tricky, as there aren't many people in a position to do that right now.

Edit: I've been hit by a huge workload for the next few weeks, and don't think I'd be able to keep up with the required number of posts. I have to withdraw from this one.

Don't hesitate to procrastinate.

Don't hesitate to procrastinate. My brand new comic:

I'll bite.

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I am currently not making any webcomics (I'm working in print right now), but I did do a few webcomics and I've been reading them for a while.

I'd imagine if I were to post content for you guys continually, one thing I would do is do a webcomic spotlight for a smaller, less known comic out there, I read a lot of them, and I'm sure a lot of them feel kind of lost in the shuffle. Maybe finding some of these comics and featuring them in a post every week could be a good blogging idea.

I like looking really heavily into different art styles in the webcomic world, I may consider doing some sort of art analysis posts.

I am considering doing a webcomic again, what about a feature concerning conceptualization, art, design and the like? If not that, I can do a series of posts based on my process for creating my comics for Radio Comix. Showing the process of creating for print? Maybe even finding little communities and projects that people are up to and posting about them.

I guess it would be best to go out and actually do some of these samples posts though. I'll get right on it.