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Digital Art Preservation Efforts

An interesting article here discusses efforts to preserve digital art for generations to come. This is a discussion which I believe should matter to webcomic creators.

Searching on it

The CNET article was short on links, so I searched a few out on the topic. There's a lot more out there, and I'm not sure which are the most relevant.

General info on preserving digital stuff.

Digital preservation tutorial (Cornell University). Nearest thing to a Dummies Guide I've found.

Preservation handbook (Digital Preservation Coalition)

British National Archive guidance notes

A few organisations:

Internet International Preservation Consortium

PADI, National Library of Australia. Looks like a good place to explore further from - links to a lot of other sites and documents.

Internet Archive. Home of the famous Wayback Machine.

Sounds great to me

I'm definitely for it.

Copyright and ownership would be an issue, especially when it came to giving access to the archive - there'd probably have to be agreements with "online publishers" like Keenspot and MT for the comics they host. And of course you'd need the individual creators' permission.

There'd need to be good data backing-up systems so that everything didn't depend on the health of a single hard-disk. I suppose the best thing of all would be to have people running two or three "mirror-sites" of the archive at different locations, so it couldn't be trashed by a single fire or storm or clusterfudge. No idea if that's feasible, though.

I concur. There should be

Fabricari's picture

I concur. There should be some manner of permanent webcomic archive. A library of congress for webcomics. I imagine that this could be done pretty easily, with disk space and bandwidth getting cheaper.

I would donate to such a cause. Being an archive there could even be reader membership fees! Say, ten bucks for a lifetime membership. or something. I bet Ryan North could build it!

Steve "Fabricari" Harrison