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Free Comic Book Day '07 is nigh!

Every year, ComicGenesis in association with Keenspot assembles some of its best comic creators from around the web and gathers them together under a common banner: the Free Comic Book Day book, or FCBD book. Ten thousand copies of this book will be distributed to comic shops around the USA, and will be available at the Keenspot booth during the Comic-Con International in San Diego, July 25th to July 29th of 2007.

A free comic book does incur costs, of course, and over $600 has been gathered toward the $2000 from donations and other sources. At this time, another $1400 is necessary to fully get this project off of the ground. Four pages of advertisement are available for purchasing under the following guidelines:

  • Full-page advertisement $350

  • Half-page advertisement $175

  • Quarter-page advertisement $90

    • Quarter-page advertisements subject to availability and page constraints

  • Advertisements can be for any product, online service, webcomic or other item within reason. Advertisements must not be obscene and must be in black and white. ComicGenesis and Keenspot reserve the right to decline any advertisement they feels does not meet with these simple guidelines.

For further information or to purchase advertising space for this unique opportunity, please contact Matt Johnson from Cortland comics at, visit the official page at or visit the wiki page at .


Some of the assembled comic creators for the FCBD book are as follows:

  1. Aldus Maycombe by Keffria
  2. Astorauth by Robin Pierce
  3. Ataraxia by Ataraxia
  4. Cortland by Matt Johnson
  5. Darken by Komiyan
  6. Doppies by Cookie & Robin
  7. Distant Eras by Kat North
  8. Edible Dirt by katmaidog
  9. Eight to One by YeahDuff
  10. Emergency Exit by NJ Huff
  11. End of things by PeppermintAfterlife
  12. Fallen Angels Used Books by FAUB
  13. Foxfire Chronicles by Turnsky
  14. Green Avenger by Ryuko
  15. Head Doctor by StinkyWigFiddle
  16. Imo by Cookie
  17. Inhumation by IVStudios
  18. Knights of Vesteria by Tom Fraser and Matt Summers
  19. Man who hates fun by Glambourine
  20. Phil Likes Tacos by Lord Andy
  21. Reasoned Cognition by Ryan Kolter
  22. Reckless Youth, Hellroy by RYClaude
  23. Role of the Die by Jim North
  24. Shenanigan by Legostar and Pimpette
  25. SPQR Blues by Klio
  26. Superfreaks by 834n, NJ Huff, and Matt Summers
  27. Tales of Pylea by Aimee Chow and Matt Summers
  28. Tales of the Traveling Gnome by Michelle Mayo and Matt Summers
  29. Treading Ground by Tenma
  30. Ugly Girl by Nanda