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News for Wednesday, January 24, 2007



"Attention" like this is not

"Attention" like this is not something you want. Not only is it not worth it emotionally, the traffic spike is brief and it becomes much harder to attract attention when you actually have something worth talking about.

PS. Elf `n Troll has about

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PS. Elf `n Troll has about 12 readers...I may need to stick a feather in my ass as well. I'm just letting you all know before hand. I'm not proud.


AP Furtado

re: Elf 'n Troll

The Magnetic Ink research facility has data mined the readership of the web comic, Elf 'n troll and discovered that the 12 readers of this fantasy comic have devoured over 1.2 billion Cheeseburgers. This translates into Elf 'n Troll having a readership amongst the Bovine approaching the 1.8 million mark. Elf 'n Troll, The #1 web comic read by cows! This data does not include Taurens.

A special thank you goes out

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A special thank you goes out to Magnetic Ink Research. (M.I.R.) Sadly, due to the fact that cows bring in roughly the same amount of income that webcomic creators do, my 1.8 million bovine readership does not have the resources to purchase print editions of my comic. Research is not cheap and to pay for the M.I.R. data, I will be panhandleing in front of the Comixpedia offices.

Shamelessly Yours,

AP Furtado

Whether, "incredibly

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Whether, "incredibly deceptive and conniving", Scott has certainly found a way to get some attention for his comic which, in the end, is everybody's goal. For some of us, no matter how much effort we put in to our comics to make them shine, we still may need to run down the street naked and screaming for attention. I haven't tried this yet but, I'm at a point where i'm considering the option. I apologize to my neighbors before hand.

AP Furtado

I find the million-reader

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I find the million-reader stat to be incredibly deceptive and conniving. I would prefer to believe it was just ignorance, or a lousy publicist.

Kristofer Straub

Those tips are from my LJ,

Those tips are from my LJ, but that is Lisa Jonte's hard work writing it all out.

Yeah, if a person stops by

Yeah, if a person stops by your site then pops off, that counts as a reader? Meh.

I'll even grant THAT much slack

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See I would even grant that... let them count one unique visitor who never returned as a "reader."

But what Scott and his publicist are doing here is taking one human being who visits every day for a year and counting that person as 365 readers.

It's bullshit, by an order of bullshit magnitude. Putting that into a press release and letting it get repeated on Wizard is embarassing to webcomics.

Even if we take this info at

Even if we take this info at face value, wouldn't it be more accurate to say "one million READINGS?"

Million readers is bullsh*t

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I love Dreamland Chronicles. I read it. I admire it. I link to it. I plug it often.

But claiming it has a million readers is either hopelessly naive or completely disingenuous. There are maybe 10 webcomics in the world I would accept might have a million separate warm bodies reading them in, say, a given year. There are only about 5 I am certain of.

The total number of people walking the planet Earth who have visited is likely to be around 60,000. If it's over 100,000, I will eat a bug.

If the "million reader" estimate were accurate, then PartiallyClips could claim 2 and a half million and Penny Arcade close to 70 million.

This is the same kind of math that allows McDonald's to claim to have "served" more people than ever lived. It's a guy who does not know how to read his stats. His publicist is being terribly irresponsible by touting that claim.