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Ducks and Eagles

DrunkDuck announced its first annual “Not A Contest” Valentine’s Promotion yesterday! Basically they're looking for the best creative works from DrunkDuck creators and will pick two winners based on two themes: Valentine's and Anti-Valentine's.

The winners will have their art turned into send-able e-cards which will be made avaliable the week of Valentine's Day! There will also be four Judges' Choice which can fit under any theme and those will be on display at the site along with a link to the creator's comics.

No money is being made on this and Platinum Studios is not retaining any rights to the artwork. It's just a fun little activity and a chance to turn your artwork into a send-able e-card. :) Deadline's Saturday February 3rd, 2007.

In other DrunkDuck related news, Innocent has been quite a busy webcomic. There's the contest MrGranger is holding where he's offering up over 100 dollars in comic books. Then there's Innocent being nominated for an Eagle Award under Favourite Colour Comicbook - American. You can find out more details about that in the link above but the deadline for MrGranger's contest is January 31st.

Dwight MacPherson is also nominated for The Eagle Award under the category of Favourite Comics Writer/Artist. He does the delightful webcomic called The Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allan Poo.

Both comics are well worth checking out! They have fantastic artwork on their side and an interesting storyline. I would imagine you would be committing some kind of webcomic reader sin if you pass by these wonderful gems of the internet.