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Cyber Tribulations

I thought I had a brilliant post all set to go, and then I realized that I only had a title, which is only brilliant because it shares a common word with the title of the last comic, suggesting continuation. The comic is part two of a three part series, so that's appropriate. You can safely assume that Part 3 will also share a common word. It's so astoundingly clever that I overwhelm myself. I'm probably the only person I overwhelm.

Cybering though. That's an interesting subject. I'm actually pretty good at it. I'm allowed to boast because this is my post, and no fuckhole can deny me that privilege. The thing is though that, for guys, cybering is boring as fuck. Chicks get off on that emotional shit. I'll be typing away, and she'll be all like "I just creamed my keyboard!" and I'll be like "uuuh, yeah, uh, me too... I guess." Anybody who sees me doing it would probably think I'm having a slightly interesting conversation about welding. Little do they know that I just stuck my massive tool into her hot wet snatch.... figuratively speaking.

The only reason to cyber with a girl is to let her know, obliquely, how awesome you are in bed. For those of you who would like to explore this avenue of electronic warfare, here's a handy dandy table you can use. Simply pick a verb, an adjective, and a noun, and place it in the following sentence: "I verb your adjective noun."

Verb: suck, lick, bite, fuck, rub
Adjective: hot, wet, sexy, sensitive, scrumptious
Noun: ear, neck, tit, thigh, pussy

So for example: "I fuck your wet ear." Oh man, I popped a stiff one just writing that.


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