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Has Google Adsense downsized your earnings?

I publish two webcomics that participate in the Google Adsense program. Both of them generated about $30 last year from about May until December, pathetic I know, and now when I go to the reports page that money is gone. I know there are adjustments that reduce your money earned over time, but come on! I feel ripped off and angry. Is anyone else experiencing this thing? Either way I’m going to take down the ads because they just take up my page space without doing anything for me. I don’t want a million dollars all of the sudden, but what I do earn I want to ‘friggin keep. Even for Tax purposes I do need to know what the fixed number is. It can’t keep changing each time you look at it. That’s insane!

Project Wonderful seems wonderful, but they’re still in beta testing and have cut off new people from selling ad space. Feh!

I think I’ll just sell it myself, at least then I’ll get to keep the money.

PW is still in beta? Really?

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PW is still in beta? Really?

Well, the big advantage with PW over just selling it yourself is that people don't already need to know about your site -- I make less money from PW from a week of advertising than I did selling it myself, but I always have an ad up. It more than balances out, even with their smallish service fee.

(Also, unless you set it up so you have to approve everything or whatever, it's much less work.)

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