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Hero By Night, American JR, and DrunkDuck

I was wandering around the DrunkDuck forums when I stumbled upon a post that DJ Coffman wrote. Basically his comic Hero By Night will be debuting this March! If you pre-order it now through New Dimensions Comics, you'll get a free limited edition print. Additionally, if you're one of the first fifty to pre-order, he'll also include a free sketch card!

American Jr is another comic on DrunkDuck and I just found out that the trade paperback is being published by Images Comics! It should be coming out in June and will contain the first 150 strips plus some extra stuff.

In other news, DrunkDuck recently redesigned the control functions and added some new features. Users can now create their own blogs/forums as well as have access to their comic statistics. There should also be a new creators interview coming out soon!

That's America Jr.

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I've been reading it since the beginning. It's one of the best drawn realistic-style comics out there.


Nerdcore: The Core Wars

___ Nerdcore: The Core Wars

Checking out American

Checking out American Jr


It's interesting. I'm reading it backwards right now and I think I better skip to the begining to find out what the whole Kid runs for president thing is all about. It has a Archie comics or maybe a Encyclopedia Brown sort of feel to it.


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The Gigcast