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G.A.A.K--Tooncasting a Giant Shadow!!!

I remember telling Webcomics Nation founder Joey Manley that I thought that, above and beyond the hosting, RSS feeds, etc, that WCN offered, the single best feature was tooncasting. Which I guess is just Joey's fancy-assed term for syndication.

Let me say that again. Syndication.

The ability for other, perhaps even more popular sites above and beyond purely webcomic sites to syndicate YOUR comic to THEIR audience? Hello! Why aren't more folks out there pushing this?

When DD got wiped out and GAAK found itself without a home and Monique (GAAK artist and creator of the Graphc Smash comic UNA Frontiers) suggested putting GAAK on her WCN site I was like, "Okay. Why not". When DD was resurrected and Monique wanted to know if I wanted to bring GAAK bak to DD, my answer was a quick "No". Why? Simple. Tooncasting. In the wonderful world of webcomics, we who create webcomics are all essentially competing for the same pairs of eyes -- folks who read webcomics. But there was a world out there within our reach beyond webcomic readers with, potentially, a new pair of eyes for our comics, if we could reach them.

And when a Chicago newspaper picked up several WCN comics via the tooncast feature for their Bleep Central kids section of their website, I was convinced that tooncasting was the reach beyond my grasp to find a new set of eyes beyond established webcomic readers for GAAK that were just as loyal to their genre -- Sci-fi fans. Hey, why not. GAAK is a scifi comic, right?

So, tooncast pitch explain how tooncasting worked and how it could benefit their websites and entertaintheir readers at the ready -- A'hunting I did go. And shortly several scifi websites like the webzine FI-SCI, the spanish language scifi site Axxon (one of the worlds largest foreign language scifi sites I might add), the UK sites FantasyNews and Creative Island, among others began to tooncast GAAK for their readers to enjoy. And now GAAK has found another tooncast partner in one of the leading scifi webssites/podcasts Slice of Scifi. Which just today began to tooncast G.A.A.K (on Slice of Scifi) for their readers to enjoy.

I'm telling you folks out there with WCN comics and the ability to tooncast. Think about your target audience scifi, humor,super hero, etc), find the websites that they go to, write yourself a nice little pitch about your comic, tooncasting, and how both can benefit these sites and give it the ole college try. Believe me, the benefits are well worth the effort in the form of new readers. Here endeth the lesson.

Now, go forth and syndicate -- ugh, go forth and tooncast.

LOL! Dee

I'm a techno-phobe so RSS

I'm a techno-phobe so RSS and stuff just makes my head hurt to think about. But one site I did approach about a possible tooncast did seem happy that there was a GAAK RSS feed as well. I know that GAAK now has 6 scifi sites tooncasting it (with two more sites coming shortly) out of the 50 or more sites that said "no". So finding tooncast opportunities is a bit of work, but they're out there. And really, how hard can it be to write a pitch and email it? Because honestly folks, the chances of a site just up and deciding to tooncast your comic without you first putting the notion in their heads are Vegas odds long. Slice of Scifi told me that they'd pondered long and hard before deciding to go with GAAK. So you've got to go out there and find your own tooncast opportunities because chances are they aren't gonna find you. Good luck. And good tooncasting. LOL! Dee G.A.A.K: Groovy Ass Alien Kreatures It's like The Goonies meets The Invaders from Mars. Updates on Mondays.

G.A.A.K: Groovy Ass Alien Kreatures It's like The Goonies meets The Invaders from Mars. Updates on Mondays.

Glad the feature is turning

Joey Manley's picture

Glad the feature is turning out to be useful for you Dee!

Tooncasting can be extremely powerful when you go out and pitch it to other, larger sites.

FWIW, Steve Conley, creator of Astounding Space Thrills (which seems to have disappeared from its former home at, or I'd link) coined the term almost ten years ago. This was before RSS syndication (well, RSS did exist, but nobody but Netscape was using it). Steve's system used server-side imagemaps. Mine uses Javascript. But credit where credit is due! Once RSS came around, tooncasting sort of faded a little to the back.

We support RSS *and* tooncasting on WCN, just because it's so much easier for somebody without lots of technical knowledge to plug a tooncast feed into any old webpage (but RSS does have other uses and is ultimately even more powerful).