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NightGig Studios and The Gigcast at Megacon Orlando this Weekend


If you are a webcomic creator and will be at Megacon Orlando this weekend, So will we!Look us up, NightGig Studios and The Gigcast will be at table Red 5 in the Independent Press section.

We'll Be looking to talk with and record interviews with as many Webcomic creators as we can! So come say "Hi".

We'll have The NightGig Studios Webcomic samplers 1 and 2 "NightGig of the Living Dead" (Available now on Indy Planet!!!) for sale, as well as a good selection of Mini comics and ashcans. Webcomic creators and Nightgig Studio Members, KC Green, Kathryne White, Krishna Sadasivam, Nick Nitro, Jo Mathis, Karl Kuras and others (Including Scott and Myself) will be there to sketch and BS about webcomics and what not (i.e. BSG, Dr.Who, etc)

Hope to See you there!