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Win original Hero By Night art! Today only!

I was just told of a cool opportunity to win some original Hero By Night artwork! But it's only for today so anyone interested have to act quick! All you have to do is refer five friends to Hero By Night Diaries, have them comment, then presto! Bingo! Free art-o!

Here are the full details:

HERO-GRAM ALERT! Would you like to win some Original Hero By Night artwork? Today only, February 13th-- here's what to do:

1. Send 5 of your friends to read the Hero By Night Journals here:

2. They have to comment on the "latest" comic (February 13th) and say the username of who referred them to the strip.

3. When five different users come in with your referrel name, I'll private message you through Drunk Duck to get your mailing details.

4. An orignial piece of Hero By Night art will show up at your door! 5. This offer is good WORLDWIDE! (aka ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET!)

So, if you've been digging the Hero By Night Journals so far, today is the best day ever to share it with new friends! And hey, it's the internet, everyone has a billion friends, right?

This offer is good for a 24 hour period, beginning at 1am - 1am Wednesday. THE CLOCK IS TICKING. GO!