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Work on Comixpedia: The Webcomics Encyclopedia

New Comixpedia LogoWith all the recent hubbub over the webcomics deletion-fest at Wikipedia I've been motivated to put some long-simmering ideas about into action. I finished several task tonight:

  1. Reworked the theme and the front page. We're using a modified version of the most familiar wikipedia theme now with a new logo designed by Tyler Martin. I've added feeds to the front page for Comixpedia news and the forum here for the encyclopedia project. The idea is to make the frontpage there a more interesting place to visit regularly and easier to find things everywhere on the site.

  2. Enable image uploads. You can now upload images directly to the server (and automatic thumbnailing should work). Here's the official deal with images at

    Images at are either used with the permission of the creator or are used under the fair use exception to U.S. copyright law. Images published at should not be considered to be under the GNU Free Documentation License and third parties should not use such images without their own independent permission from such creators or another legal justification to do so under the prevailing copyright laws of their own jurisdiction.

    We're going to (or already have) templates that you should display with images indicating whether the image is there with the permission of the creator or used under fair use. Every editor and user needs to be vigilant about only using images with proper permissions or this new image policy will be very short-lived. (External images are currently enabled - they will be disabled sometime in March)

  3. New adverts. We're running larger Project Wonderful ads and some google ads now. We could go to a donation model but I think this makes more sense right now and the (hopefully) extra change this brings in can help pay for some promotion of the fact that this project exists.

Additional things I am working on but see no reason not to talk about now:

  1. Branding. The webcomics encyclopedia is going to be called COMIXPEDIA (or THE COMIXPEDIA) and I'll be rebranding the news and everything else site at this year. More on the rebranding of fairly soon. Comixpedia is a perfect name for an encyclopedia about comics and this year is the time to make these changes.

  2. Scope. And this leads us to a question: what should the scope of THE COMIXPEDIA be? We started it as a webcomics encyclopedia in response to notability issues at Wikipedia. We can continue down that path. Another alternative I think we should consider is opening it up to all comics. I don't see a need to resolve that question immediately but I'd really like to start hearing everyone's opinion on the idea.
  3. Philosophy. I'll be writing a more detailed FAQ for but I want to lay out in greater detail the reasons for this site. The most obvious one of course will be that "all (web)comics are notable" (or maybe we should phrase that as "f#ck notability!").

I hope all this is met positively. After the events at Wikipedia the last couple of months I think this site will be even more important as a resource and I want to help make the site worthy of its potential. There's still plenty of room for discussion, involvement and improvement though so if you have comments start posting here. Thanks.

The new theme

I'd like to interrupt the wiki philosophy discussion to say I really like the new theme. I hate to say everyone should copy WP, but when I regularly use a half-dozen other wikis that use variations on Monobook, it makes the outliers seem hard to use.

Unfortunately, when I log in I'm stuck in the old skin, and the skin menu seems to be missing from the preferences pages, so I can't change back.

I am working on that

Xaviar Xerexes's picture

I am trying to fix that actually! I have a patch I am going to try today when I get some time.


Xaviar Xerexes

On second thought, let's not go to Comixpedia. It is a silly place.

I run this place! Tip the piano player on the way out.


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I agree with the majority of comments about including all comics. I'll try to do what I can to add content.

I think comixpedia wiki

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I think comixpedia wiki should be open to everything that can be difined as comics. The great equalizer is volume. You will only have one article per print comics, right? I'm pretty sure that there are more webcomics than there are print. And you will be uniting indy print comics with webcomics, as should be done anyway.

If we as webcomic creators want to be treated as equals in the comic community, it works both ways; we need to treat our print comic brothers and sisters as equals, as well.

Steve "Fabricari" Harrison

I third the motion

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I agree with being egalitarian. Some webcomics have killed some trees and some print comics have burnt some pixels. I don't want to mark a webcomic up for deletion if the cartoonist signs a deal with Marvel, DC, DarkHorse, or Image because it was "notable enough to be on WikiPedia."



I fully agree with the

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I fully agree with the above post. So there.

Chris Jeffery

Chris Jeffery

If you exclude any comic,

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If you exclude any comic, you're going to open a Can of Worms I think you'd rather leave closed.

My advice? Allow print comics -- and the print comics fans who come in to post their 70-page Legion of Super-Heroes history will maybe find the Magellan (or whatever) listing, too.

I don't feel very strongly about it either way, though.

Start with WC first...

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I say start with webcomics first. I agree with those who say regular comics (Superman, etc.), already have plenty of resources on the web. It's the same reason I don't like seeing "Blondie" or "Dilbert" listed on The Webcomics List (sure, the syndicates have their strips online, but they aren't webcomics!). Once the webcomics side of things is established, then it makes sense to branch out, starting with small press. That's a path that makes sense, because small press has much more in common with webcomics than comics put out by DC, Marvel, etc. Down the road, fine, add 'em, but not right off.




Reversing the polarity of the neutron flow since 1976!


Autumn Lake

Reversing the polarity of the neutron flow since 1976!

that logo...

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That logo looks very similar to MS Office 4's. Even the colors are the same.

I think it's great that

I think it's great that is finally starting to get the attention it deserves. And I'm glad that you're working to resolve the whole Comixpedia magazine/Comixpedia encyclopedia confusion.

That being said, I don't think you should use the Monobook skin for the MediaWiki. Because quite frankly there are already too many MediaWikis out there that look exactly like Wikipedia with a different logo, and also I think we'd do best to distance ourselves from the Wikipedia a bit. This page has links to some decent skins, and I'm sure if you searched around a bit you could find more.

Good luck.I'll make sure to

Good luck.

I'll make sure to encourage the folks over at nightgig to use it more.

I also think including print comics into the fold is a decent idea. I think in a few years most print comics will be readable in some fashion online anyhow.


The Gigcast



The Gigcast

I think it's a good idea to

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I think it's a good idea to include all comics. The line between webcomics and print comics is pretty blurry (if it even exists) as it is. While I have little to no interest in most Marvel and DC comics, I would value a resource that had info on small press, independent and alternative comics. And space isn't an issue with a wiki.

Vir Bonus

My initial thought on the

My initial thought on the scope is that the new Comixpedia should not be open to all comics. I enjoy DC and Marvel output as much as the next fanboy but the danger is that it will be swamped by the thousands and thousands of fans who all think they have something valid to post about GL, Superman, X-Men etc and that the webcomics component will therefore become quickly marginalised.

Besides, there are already many other places where information on these characters and comics can be found. My favourite resource for info on other comics is Don Markstein's Toonopedia but there are many, many others. I imagine they're even allowed space in the hallowed halls of Wikipedia itself (not that I ever use the Wiki, you understand!)

Broken Voice Comics
Because comics are not just for kids

Broken Voice Comics
Because comics are not just for kids

I agree

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My initial thought on the scope is that the new Comixpedia should not be open to all comics. I enjoy DC and Marvel output as much as the next fanboy but the danger is that it will be swamped by the thousands and thousands of fans who all think they have something valid to post about GL, Superman, X-Men etc and that the webcomics component will therefore become quickly marginalised.[/quote]

I agree, webcomics are the ones being removed from Wikipedia, I suspect Superman, X-Men and the like aren't. I think it should just be for the webcomic community and I also think that no matter how small nor big your webcomic is, you're all notable. Trust me, there's small webcomics out there who are as fantastic as the bigger more well known webcomics. It hurts when you get told "I'm sorry, you're webcomic is too un-notable to be included."

If it becomes a problem size wise then maybe you can start to suggest ideas, but I don't think exclusion, then we'd just be like Wikipedia.