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Last Blood

I never thought I'd say this, but Bobby Crosby may be giving his brother Chris Crosby a bit of real competition in the webcomic department. Chris Crosby is the creator of Superosity and the writer behind Sore Thumbs. Bobby Crosby was the creator of the critically-nuked yet oddly popular Pupkin and the Non-Identical Triplet. Much more recently though Bobby Crosby is the writer on the pretty-good poker-themed webcomic +EV. (Read a review of +EV here).

He's also the writer on Last Blood, a vampires and zombies end-of-the-world flick that is being presented in webcomic format with Owen Gieni (artist on Sore Thumbs) handling the art chores. (Yes - flick. Bobby Crosby is proclaiming his plans to film Last Blood this year.) There's enough in the archives now to get a bit of a sense of things and it's growing on me. Gieni is doing a nice job with the art and making use of the comic-book sized layout (in fact Bobby Crosby posted that Last Blood is going to be out in comic book form for this year's Free Comic Book Day). I love his decision to use a limited color pallete so far and he manages to be much more realistic in his approach here than he is with his work on Sore Thumbs.

Last Blood is not a hugely original premise and no characters stand out at all yet (although I kind of suspect who I'm supposed to be rooting for) but I've gotten enough laughs out of +EV to give Bobby Crosby a little benefit of the doubt that the characters will sharpen up and he'll keep things entertaining.

It's not a plug issue -- I

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It's not a plug issue -- I was just pointing out a clear oversight, especially in the context of your first sentence of the article. Would have made a nice ending to say that I also just started another comic -- no reaction is needed yet. Mentioning "The Non-Identical Triplet" (12 pages no one read four years ago) but not the comic I started TODAY (day of article) was just odd.

Doesn't matter, though, obviously. Glad you're liking the comics.

"Last Blood is not a hugely

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"Last Blood is not a hugely original premise . . ."

Just wanted to point out that it's easily the most original zombie story I've ever heard of. I agree about the characters, though, so far at least. I haven't been at all pleased with my writing. Been doing a pretty crappy job. I've been having trouble with the comic book format. The screenplay will be much better.

And did you notice that I started another comic today? Might as well mention that too if you're going to not only mention "Pupkin," but "The Non-Identical Triplet" as well, a comic that even I have basically forgotten. I'll also be starting several more graphic novels in the coming months based on my movie ideas.

I did but

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I did but with only a few pages up (2?) I didn't have much of a reaction yet. You're welcome to plug it if you want (post a user blog post).


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