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Today our first comic is a match-up between Brian Michael Brown, creator of Bellen!, and Shishio, creator of One Liners. Warning: bad language and sad, pathetic Valentine Day scenario unfolds!

Our second comic for Thursday is from Tony Esteves, creator of Cigarro & Cerveja, and Jon Scrivens, creator of Little Terrors. Can Dwayne and Cigarro find love? And how do you say I love you to a zombie? Read the first part here and then click through to either Cigaroo & Cerveja or Little Terrors to read the conclusion.

May I say...

Tony Esteves's picture

May I say that this Valentine's Day was rather enjoyable (if not incredibly romantic). And I know that it may be hard to imagine but I think everyone is secretly in love with me. So give it up, people! The secret has been revealed!

Happy Valentine's Day,