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Political web comics and political blogs: Why not make friends?

This reader isn't really a blogger. Certainly not a political blogger. And he isn't a cartoonist. But he does read blogs and he does read political cartoons. But not together. And he wonders why. Blogs are the darling of the "New Media". They break news, offer commentary, and rake muck 24/7 outside any editorial control. They are kinda like newspapers last century. Comics, both panel and strip, have proven for the past 200 years to work pretty well packaged with the news and for the last ten have done pretty well on the web. But political blogs and webcomics do not generally work together. If we are to believe this site, only one of the top ten political blogs (ignoring boing boing) regulary features a comic and only 2 had any comic content of any kind. And on a anecdotal basis of the couple of blogs I check periodically there is no content of the sequential art variety either. And most of the political comics on the web I read have little blogging content. Why?

As I see it there is a real potential for growth here. Blogs really have little to lose by adding ideologically complementary comics to their content lineup. It offers some humor and variety to the wide open opinion page. Comics could benefit by allowing their comics to be cast on blog pages or turn their page into a comic+blog page and attract readers not just from the comics constituency but also the vast political junkie demographic on the web. It seems like a relatively easy and obvious marriage to me. Maybe I am missing the complications?

If you have any thoughts, criticisms, or ideas along these lines I'd love to here them. Thanks!

Re: Political web comics and political blogs: Why not make frien

Hey Erg,

I couldn't AGREE with you more Smile (Every weekday)