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Life, The Universe, and Everything XXV

Life, the Universe, and Everything has come to an end. Okay, I don't mean that quite like it sounds. My life carries on. The universe continues expanding. And everything is still... well, pretty much where we left it. But the Science-Fiction and Fantasy symposium called Life, the Universe, and Everything has ended, and I'm kind of sad about that.

I really enjoyed this year's symposium, and I'm thankful I was able to participate. I strengthened some old friendships and met many new, amazing people. Just to name a few…

I was able to sit on three panels with Howard Tayler. He's a fantastic guy with a rich sense of humor, and you won't find a better public speaker. He delivered a phenomenal main address that should be transcribed and released as a book called, “How to Make a Living as a Web Cartoonist.” He has one of the most successful webcomics of all time, Schlock Mercenary. You can check it out at If it weren’t for meeting and talking with Howard last year at CONDuit, I would never have considered creating my own webcomic. Thanks Howard!

My friend Robert Defendi was there also. Bob is currently hard at work producing his own line of RPG products that are compatible with several gaming systems. If you play RPGs, check out his work at One of Bob’s leading artists and a friend of mine from school, Brian Hailes (, also attended.

Steve Keele is one of my favorite artists. I first met him about 10 years ago. He ranks among the most creative people I know. He does everything from traditional mediums to digital 3-D. I’ve learned from him the value of a sketchbook. If you ever meet him, ask him to let you see his sketchbook. You’ll be amazed.

One new friend I met at LTUE XXV is Julie Wright. She is a wonderful author. I bought her book, My Not-So-Fairy-Tale Life, and started reading it last night. From the first sentence, her writing captured me. She and I have been discussing a joint project, which has me very excited. I’ll provide more details in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, you can visit her at

Coming all the way from Canada, Julie Czerneda ( was a guest of honor at the symposium. I had the privilege of illustrating a couple of her stories in Baen’s Universe last year. It was great to meet her in person. She was warm and friendly and had a hug for everyone. She even shared with me a rough sketch by Luis Royo for the cover of her next book. Very cool.

I have to say, for me, it was a great couple of days.

Have a Techno-ful Day!


Ditto -- it was a great event

Howard Tayler's picture

LTUE XXV was great fun. I was there too, and got to spend a couple of hours sitting next to Kevin Wasden (Splintered1) as he knocked out sketches.

It really is humbling watching Kevin work. You can see his sketch of my "Captain Tagon" character here in my LTUE report.

Also, I made several hundred dollars selling commissions, books, and pins through the BYU Bookstore kiosk. This was surprising in all the right ways. YAY MONEY.

Schlock Mercenary