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Incredible Guest Comic!

So OJ got in a horrible car accident and DIED..... or.... he's busy or something. Anyway, he couldn't get the comic done in time for our midnight deadline. But he's working on it feverishly and you will soon see the final part of the adventures of Fuzzman and Dude O' Justice. In the meantime, I have a tasty treat for you!

My friend David Wolfe, who's a fantastic artist, was awesome enough to do a gorgeous guest comic for us. I wrote the script for it, but I'm almost ashamed to have my mundane mortal words attached to that magnificent product of divine artistry. David has several different comic projects that he's done, the most recent of which was a great comic called Paranoia High. The rest of his projects you can discover on his ComicSpace page. Check out his work, drop him a line, and add him as a friend! Just do him a favor though and don't show up drunk to his house at three in the morning. He appreciates his fans but not that much, as I learned the hard way (really sorry I confused your couch for a toilet, man... oh, and I really thought your cat was a taco).

For all of you Caption Contest enthusiasts, David's comic will soon be available for your genius captions! Keep your eyes open. In fact, keep them in a jar, just to make sure you don't lose them.



Read the comic!