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Lost and Clear but quite lovely

Every so often I'll stumble upon a comic and I wouldn't know what to make of it...but damn (I would say to myself), that's pretty cool! Lost is one of them. Sysli uses photographs to construct this stream of consciousness style "webcomic" and it turned out quite wonderfully.

I just find the whole thing lovely and different from the usual things I see on DrunkDuck. I like it when people do different things with webcomics and although using photographs isn't anything new, there does seem to be an eye for beauty with Lost. I'm not even sure one would consider it a comic. I suppose you can say the photographs are like panels and there are words but it seems more like a photographic story told in shattered verse. The art major in me is intrigued.

It reminds me of another comic on DrunkDuck called Clear although I suspect it's because Clear also uses photographs. Unlike Lost though, Clear manipulates and draws on the photographs themselves to relay its narration to the viewer. Not quite as shattered but still just as lovely.

I realize I'm overusing the word "lovely" but that's just the word that keeps popping into my head. "Dainty" doesn't quite describe it and "fine" seems too plain. And no, "nice" is not an acceptable word.

So lovely it is.