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Coming on Cold

So... this is my first blog post as an actual webcomic author/artist.

I both write and draw for the webcomic 'Adagissimo', which started out as a little project to make my room mates happy.

It's been running for almost a month now and I find that I'm really, really enjoying doing the strip for all that I came to Comics a day late and a dollar short.

Right now I'm working with the absolute bare minimum of equipment, i.e. a mechanical pencil I stole from work, felt tip pens for inking, and my heavyweight sketchbook. Already I'm getting dissatisfied with them though, although I'm chronically poor and would like to invest in some Actual Omigosh Comic Pens and a non-photo blue pencil.Have no idea where I'm going to get them though.

I have found some shiny things though and I figured I'd discuss them for the other new comickers out there.

One of the things that I keep seeing get promoted is the Copic pens. I checked out their website and a LOT of their stuff is hella expensive, but they do have some inordinately sexy pen-sets for like $26 bucks.

The come highly recommended by a friend of mine, but I haven't tried them myself yet. My order hasn't arrived. I'll do another post on them once I've got my set and have had a chance to experiment with them.

Another thing that I really like the looks of is what is called a 'non-photo blue pencil'. I kept seeing the line art that other, more established web-artists kept putting up and it would be ink over this funny blue pencil. I spent the better part of a week going mad and trying to figure out what it was called. I always thought they were drafting pencils, but that just shows what I know. I have now found their proper name and have found them on-line for something like 1.30 a pencil, from what I can tell. I still need to do some aggressive price comparisons so don’t take that number as the standard.

The non-photo pencils look like they'd be cool because when you photocopy or reproduce the image in any fashion the blue vanishes and just leaves the ink behind, which would be hella useful. I assume that the blue would still show up if you were to -oh, say... do a color scan. However on a black and white scan I'm pretty sure it'd go away.

I am also tentatively looking into art programs like Open Canvas or Adobe Photoshop. Open Canvas has a nice 30 day trial that I’m experimenting with, but Photoshop is so expensive that I’d have to sell a kidney or something to afford it. (See aforementioned ‘Chronically Poor’ statement.)

Right now I’m going to switch from my felt-tip pens to some finer ball-tip ink pens and see how that works.

More updates to come!

Tune in later, y’all!

Yay! A comment!

There, that's it in all it's silliness. Right now it updates tuesdays and Thursdays until I can get my own scanner. ^_^ right now I doing big batches of comics on the campus scanners.

What's the URL?

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What's the URL for the comic?


Xaviar Xerexes

On second thought, let's not go to Comixpedia. It is a silly place.

I run this place! Tip the piano player on the way out.