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Women in Comics: Templar, Arizona

I went to Wonder-Con this past weekend, and overall had a pretty good time -- a lot of interesting folks, intriguing conversations, and comic discussion panels, some better than others. One of the less-than-stellar panels was Girls Kick Ass! Female Protagonists in Print and Beyond. But instead of complaining about it here -- at least for the moment -- I'm going to spend the week telling you about some of my favorite female webcomic protagonists who do, indeed, kick ass.

First up: Reagan, from Templar, Arizona.

Reagan is amazing. She doesn't look like your stereotypical female protagonist -- no 14" waist and fishnets here. She is loud, proud and undeniably female. She flaunts conventional fashion and behavior. A voice of reason in a very unreasonable town, Reagan has no trouble speaking her mind and standing up for what she thinks is right. She is a champion for everyone around her, no small feat in a town chock full of oddball weirdness. Watching her face down a troublemaker who is harassing other employees in her store, as she does in the current storyline, it's impossible not to be impressed with her inner strength and surety -- and to be glad you're not facing off against her.