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Got a Question for Mark Canton, Producer of 300?

A new interview series is coming up at Broken Frontier called The Scott Mitchell Rosenberg Interview Series. Their first guest is Mark Canton, one of the producers for the recently released film 300. For those of you not familar with 300, it's based on a Frank Miller comic book of the same name.

Do you have a question for Mark Canton? If so, you've read the right article! But the deadline's tomorrow 12 noon PST so think fast!

You can ask your questions at this forum thread on DrunkDuck or send the question to

If neither option sounds particularly appealing to the citizens of Comixpedia however, the third option would be to post your questions here and I will take them to the DrunkDuck thread.

Ten questions will be picked from those submitted and be used for the interview.

Edit: Although there's already an interview with Mark Canton over at Broken Frontier but perhaps this is for the follow-up.

Re: Got a Question for Mark Canton, Producer of 300?

Me and my friends have 2 different ideas on why Leonidas hit Xerxes with his spear on his lip.  I think he didn't miss and wanted everybody to see that a god king could bleed.  My friends think that he was trying to kill him but missed.  If you can tell me the answers that would be great. 

Thank You

Re: Got a Question for Mark Canton, Producer of 300?

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Um I think this post is almost a year old - the interview is probably somewhere in the Broken Frontier site's archives though.

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