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Sugarskull! An Interview in Comics

The members of the comics collective Sugarskull conducted a group interview amongst themselves for Comixpedia's February issue on collectives. And they turned it in to Comixpedia in February! So mea culpa for posting it in March -- without further ado here's Jones, Sarah Glidden, Sarah Davis, Alice Hunt, and David Patty.


The first question is to Sarah Davis, creator of The Awakened.




The next question is to Sarah Glidden, the creator of The Reader.




A question to Alice Hunt, creator of Goodbye Chains.




Next a question for Jones, creator of Vampirates.




Last question is to David Patty, the creator of Keeps.


Re: Sugarskull! An Interview in Comics

Dear Sarah Davies,

Is Chase anerexic or just scared of eating because of the demons and blood? or both?