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Women in Comics: Terinu, Supernatural Law, and Home on the Strange

Hmmm... last week's posts didn't continue as I'd intended: flu 1, cr0wgrrl 0. So I'm going to combine what were originally a series of short posts into one or two longer ones, focusing on some great female characters in webcomics. First up: Leeza Blake from Terinu, Alanna Wollf from Supernatural Law, and Izzy Lehane from Home on the Strange.

Leeza Blake

Terinu is space opera at its best, and Leeza Blake is one of its lynchpins. Blake is an excellent engineer and a very talented mechanic. She's outspoken and a good leader, quick at thinking on her feet and rising to a challenge. She's also unafraid of disobeying an order she thinks is wrong - something that's giving her some hard decisions to make in the current plot. She more than holds her own on her team - she holds the team together. Terinu

Alanna Wollf

Alanna Wollf is every defendant's best hope and every opposing attorney's nightmare. She is smart and incredibly savvy when it comes to giving her often-monstrous clients the best legal representation money can buy. No matter how frightening or peculiar her client may be, nothing fazes her, and her brilliant, unorthodox legal stratagems leave her opponents' heads swimming. Even when she loses the case, her clients almost always win. Supernatural Law

Izzy Lehane

Izzy is your proto-typical late-blooming geek, the one who thought she was alone with her strange interests in fantasy novels and science fiction, only to discover an eccentric circle of others just like her. Since then she's had to deal with a crash-course in roleplaying and slimy advanced from over-eager gamemasters, and she's handled each obstacle with surety, humor and an admirably vicious cleverness. Home on the Strange