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BREAKFAST OF THE GODS Book One is complete!

Brendan Douglas Jones (that’s me!) is proud to announce the completion of The Last Good Morning – book one of his critically acclaimed and controversial comic book series Breakfast of the Gods.

For the uninitiated, Breakfast of the Gods is an epic adventure starring a bowlful of familiar faces from your breakfast table. Trouble is brewing in Cerealia, a land of eternal morning. The king and his wizard advisor have disappeared and a shadow of evil has fallen over the land. The old sailor named Cap'n Crunch, noblest soul in Cerealia, has stepped up to lead the fight against Count Chocula's forces of darkness. What follows is the most important battle of their lives as well as the most important meal of the day.

And here’s what people are saying about Breakfast of the Gods:


“The webcomic Breakfast of the Gods by Brendan Douglas Jones is a pitch-perfect spoof of contemporary grim'n'gritty superhero crossovers like (mostly) Identity Crisis and (a little bit) Infinite Crisis and Civil War -- featuring old-school cartoon cereal mascots.” --- Joey Manley, Webcomics Nation


“I'm reminded a bit of James Sturm's The Cereal Killings, but where Sturm's story was a gritty, noir-ish story of murder reminiscent of Watchmen (that just happened to feature breakfast cereal mascots), Jones's story is a blood-thirsty revisionist crossover epic in the vein of Identity Crisis (that just happens to feature breakfast cereal mascots).

Either way, Breakfast of the Gods is a little bit of genius, or inspired lunacy, or both. Well worth checking out.” --- Chris Roberson, Roberson’s Interminable Ramble


“Creator Brendan Douglas Jones does his best to send up the genre and always makes the most of character casting and their delicious introductions. There is even a tight and complex storyline and mystery to keep you turning pages after the initial humor has worn off. Highly recommended - join the crowds” --- Jeremiah McNichols, Think In Pictures


“This webcomic might be the best parody of “grim ‘n’ gritty” superhero comics I’ve ever seen. Pitch-perfect in tone, skillfully-drafted, it’s just genius.” --- Joe Gross, Austin360


“Holy sh!t Pardon my French, but I just discovered something quite amazing.

Breakfast of the Gods is a series of three graphic novels (uh, that’s geek speak for “comic books”) cleverly written and beautifully illustrated by the multi-talented Brendan Douglas Jones. Starting with Book One: The Last Good Morning, he has reinterpreted our favorite cereal characters and thrown them into a surprisingly dramatic and refreshingly violent storyline.” --- Randy, CerealBuzz


“Brendan Douglas Jones is the Alan Moore of breakfast cereal! That's a strong (and infinitely weird) statement, but Breakfast of the Gods is a strong (and infinitely weird) webcomic.

Like the best art, reading this comic strip makes you uncomfortable, not least because it makes you aware just how deeply corporate icons like Tony the Tiger, Sugar Bear and Count Chocula have buried themselves in our collective psyche. No one in North America who grew up on Saturday morning cartoons will need any explanation or backstory to follow this comic (though presumably, someone from France or Botswana would find it utterly incomprehensible).

Jones' recasting the icons of Thiamine, Ribflavin and super-sweet sugar coatings as heroes in a Tolkienesque drama (with hints of the Crisis on Infinite Earths) is just brilliant. Or, dare I say it... it's GRRREEEAT!” --- Mark Shainblum, Webcomics Nation


Breakfast of the Gods – the epic adventure that stays crunchy in milk. See what all the buzz* is about!


* R.I.P. Buzz Bee, 1979-2007. He’s tempting tummies in Heaven now.



almamater's picture

Congratulations, and good luck with your story. I think that the first book wrapped up nicely.




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Will the book be for sale?

Wish I could, but the only

Wish I could, but the only thing keeping the lawsuits at bay is the fact that I'm not making a dime off of this book.