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More on Project Wonderful

I've got another blog entry on Project Wonderful on my main blog, discussing what I and others perceive to be a trend towards far lower bids than in the company's early stages. In this one, I'm taking some thoughts from Matt Skala who predicts PW will evolve towards a steady state as a free banner exchange.

I'll probably do a follow-up later this week on the role of groupthink in the bidding process and how the perception of a downward slide may accelerate it. If it turns out to be interesting enough by the time I've thought it through, that is.


marvelouspatric's picture

hmmm... all of this speculation really works on the idea that the same people selling ad space are also buying it. which, i'm not convinced is true. i know i was selling ad space long before i started buying it.

of course, for those of us both buying and selling, it is rather circular. i buy ad space so i can get more hits, so the adspace i sell becomes more popular, so that i can afford to buy more ad space.
i offer no solutions, but i think PW is an interesting thing. for one, it does sorta bring to mind the idea of micropayments, doesn't it? oops? can of worms....